Party for One

Its My Attic time at the Deck again, with new offerings at great prices from among others Bushu and Luxuria. In addition to that, ieQED has completed their Jellybean set with another release at Shiny Shabby and Trompe Loeil has a stylish settee our for Collabor88.

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My Pleasure

As I mentioned earlier, the commons from the Plaisir set by Fallen Gods and Faida for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival are very pretty. So, today I am wearing half of the set, combined with an upcoming necklace from Aisling.

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Just Playing

A new round of Romp, as always full of elegant kink, starts tomorrow (October 2nd). Two of the participating brands are Dutchie and Aisling and as it would happen their releases went rather well together. Now, I do want to stress before anyone dives into this post that it is most definitely NSFW. That was hard to avoid when Dutchie went and released a whole playroom full of furniture. In fact, it is such a large release that this post only looks at three of the five new items and even then it just scratches the surface as there’s over 200 animations in total. And guys, if your equipment is by Aeros, you will appreciate the new auto-tilting feature of these pieces.

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ieQED has put out another set of body jewellery and I took that as an opportunity to show off Tuli’s Willow skin and her Slink appliers in yet another tone. As it happened, the body jewellery also went quite well with the latest jewellery release from Jian.

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Slink Physique Male Body

There’s a new man in town and he’s got quite a nice physique. A Slink Physique, even. Yes, indeed, Siddean Munro has finally released a male mesh body and it actually comes with some features that have yet to make it to the female Slink Physique body (though the release announcement promises that they will soon appear there as well). The body comes with a skin in several tones but there are already some options for appliers out there, such as the new Jake skin from Adam n Eve which I am using to show the body off in this post. Do note that this review contains full frontal nudity.

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It was a bit uncomfortably hot here today, so when it came to photoing, I headed off to the corner of our sim where winter always reigns. But I did bring something hot and fiery with me, in the shape of a new dragon mount from Alchemy. Also featured in this post is a new dress by Luminary and a new hair by Exile.

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By the Fireplace

From a wintery wood to a camp in the desert, to show off new releases by Jian, Luminary and ieQED, matched with older ones from Tuli and Exile.

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Desert Dancer

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens today, so prepare to be frustrated once again as you try to win those must-have pieces. I can almost guarantee that the set from aisling that I am featuring here will be the cause of some of that frustration, because it is quite gorgeous. Fortunately, even the commons are utterly stunning and very wearable on their own.

I am also showing a bit of a house from Entity, which is a store I found just yesterday through Plurk and which I will definitely be keeping an eye on from now on.

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Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part Three

Time to revisit my series of portraits from The World of Ice and Fire, this time with another Targaryen; Princess Daena, who would come to be known as the Defiant. The eldest of King Daeron the Young Dragon’s and King Baelor the Blessed’s sisters, she was wed to the latter until the extremely pious king annulled the marriage and imprisoned her and her two sisters to keep their beauty from tempting anyone.

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The Secret Affair is in full swing again and the theme for their January round is Untamed Purity. One of the designers tackling this theme is lassitude & ennui with a beautiful ensemble called Virtue.

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Desert Creature

I know, I know. I just wore the Thylacine boots by lassitude & ennui. But then I was going to review the Draco skin in the gorgeous blue tone that Fallen Gods released for We Love Role-Play...until I realised that the metal Draco that was given out as a group gift actually had Physique appliers.

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God Jul

Sometimes, the best present might not be something you buy…

I am much too stuffed from enjoying the fruits of all the cooking done the last few days at our julbord to write anything particularly lengthy, but I should manage a little festive post at least. It all started with the lovely Aphrodite jewellery and matching shoes from Sax Shepherd Designs. It is texture change using a HUD and after a bit of playing around, I settled on this striking black and red combination. Then I saw a post on Flickr using the Giselle lingerie and Alexis corset from erratic which I had completely missed at Uber in November. Once I went to try it, I found to my delight that one of the sizes was fitted mesh based on the Slink Physique body. This is now without a doubt the best-fitting piece of mesh lingerie I own and I think it looks stunning. You still use some alphas around your midsection to properly simulate a corset and that works perfectly.

But what really inspired the specifics of the photo was the “A Libertine Christmas” gacha from Libertine. It features a very nifty scripted Christmas tree that you can decorate with the ornaments that you win. But you don’t need to fiddle around with placing the ornaments and you don’t need to worry about winning 50 red balls. Oh no, you just click the tree, select decorate, and after marking an ornament you have one, you hold down CTRL and drag it to the tree. You will then be able to active that ornament in as many or as few of the pre-defined spots as you want. It was actually quite a lot of fun!

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The Winter Maiden

Still waiting for something resembling winter to make an appearance around here. Maybe more snowy pictures in Second Life is the key to reminding the weather what its supposed to be like? It also gives me the opportunity to show off a new fantasy skin from PXL for We Love Role-Play as well as a set of seasonal pauldrons from ieQED for the same event.

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Blood of the Dragon

Mystic Realms Faire is open! Two sims full await you and trust me, there’s some really good things on offer. Plus, the sims themselves are gorgeous, though given the lag that usually accompanies events it may be hard to admire that aspect during the first days of the faire.

I am feeling very at home in a mystic realm today, with my avatar transformed into a Dragon Halfling thanks to Beastie Shack. I am also wearing MRF releases by Senzafine, ieQED and Exile.

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Hippoi Athanatoi

I am mad for horses. Always have been and always will be. I am also mad for folklore, legends, mythology and all of that stuff (that’s where my obsession with fantasy started out). So, when I had my big myth phase as a child, I loved the stories with horses in the very best. Eight-legged Sleipnir, winged Pegasus born from blood and sea foam and of course Xanthos and Balios, the fabulous horses of Achilles who were the offspring of a harpy and the west wind. Greek mythology even has a collective name for the various wondrous horses that appear in the stories; they call them the “hippoi athanatoi”, the immortal horses. Hence, the name of our website.

As for this post…well, the Nike crown and wings from ieQED for The Gathering gave me an idea to play around a bit more with the Immortals gacha from Culprit.

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