Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods and Libertine has released an update for the latter brand’s flagship product, the Marquis furniture set. I was thrilled to receive a review copy since I have very much enjoyed the original release of the Marquis set and the new release promised to be even better.

And it does not disappoint. As you will see by the following seven photos—maybe Ran and I got a little carried away, but that’s still only a fraction of the options—the full set gives you a lot to play with as each of the pieces of furniture include a wide array of poses (many new ones have been added compared to the initial release of the set), many which also give out props. Furthermore, each piece is now texture change, offering a total of 10 lush textures. The full set also offers both mature and adult versions of most of the pieces, save for the lounger which only has “safe” poses.

We went for the adult versions, so there’s some not very safe for work images behind the cut.

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Yesterday, I was in Egypt (or well, in an Egyptian-inspired gown, anyway). Today, We Love Role-Play has helped transform me into something more fantastical. Perhaps a woodland creature, worshipping in a strange underground cave?

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Beautiful Brooke

Adam n Eve has just released a new skin, the lovely Brooke, as well as set of foot jewellery for Slink’s mesh feet. sachi Vixen is definitely not new to making skins—I dare not guess at how many different skins from her that my inventory contains—but mesh jewellery is something new.

I am also wearing one of the gowns from Pale Empress for the World Goth Fair as well as one of the newest hairs from Exile.

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In Mourning

Fairs and events have definitely come to occupy a central position in Second Life. Some love it, some not so much. My favourites are the themed ones; the odds are always good that talented designers will get really creative with those. Such as the World Goth Fair, running from May 15th to May 31st and benefiting the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

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Fire and Blood

Have you been to We Love Role-Play yet? This event offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, weapons and props for role-playing in Second Life—or for simply taking photos that aren’t just about the latest fashion. For myself and Ran, it lets us indulge in bringing something that’s very much on our minds all the time into Second Life. Most of you probably know it as Game of Thrones, but for us it is always A Song of Ice and Fire. We have a particular fondness for the history of Westeros, not the least for the many colourful Targaryens from its past. Thanks to the Muses we now have all sorts of very appropriate clothing for portraying some of them. If you know a bit of Targaryen history, take a guess at who these two are.

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A Golden Cage

This falls squarely into the category of “things only worn in SL”. A metal-grid corset? Owwie. But, it looks fabulous, does it not? Plastik creator Aikeo Reiko suggests that they can be worn over other pieces, but I rather like them worn over nothing at all. There is also an underbust version included, but for these shots I stuck with the overbust. The corsets are currently available at the Tomorrow Today fundraiser.

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