A Golden Cage

This falls squarely into the category of “things only worn in SL”. A metal-grid corset? Owwie. But, it looks fabulous, does it not? Plastik creator Aikeo Reiko suggests that they can be worn over other pieces, but I rather like them worn over nothing at all. There is also an underbust version included, but for these shots I stuck with the overbust. The corsets are currently available at the Tomorrow Today fundraiser.

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Of course, being mesh, they won’t fit everyone, especially as you cannot use an alpha with them. I ended up using a shape I created for a forthcoming Adam n Eve skin which is vaguely based on the medium Standard Size. The fit of the corset is a little further away from the body than regular clothing might be, so it does give you some room to work with (and possibly some room for other mesh clothing, depending on the fit).

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The corset is available in a wide array of gorgeous metals; you always get a lot of options with Plastik. That can make it hard to choose, but fortunately the gold corset spoke to me loudly both with its colour and its name; Achilles. Yep, no question, I had to have that one.

I am also wearing the Alluvium set from Tekeli-li again, a hair from Exile and the Suede Boots from lassitude & ennui. The skin I will be showing you more of very soon; sachi Vixen has been hard at work on a new, even more detailed line of skins, and Disa is one of the gorgeous upcoming releases.

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