About the Blog

The Otherworldly blog -- featuring our shape business Kanon, our SL photography and our fashion reviews -- is the collaborative effort of Freyja Nemeth and Ran Garrigus, residents of Second Life since the summer of 2007.


Kanon shapes for men and women are created with an eye towards attractive, realistic proportions: no more too-short arms, too-long legs or too-small heads, just a unique look perfectly suited to a carefully selected high-quality skin. Kanon shapes are sold exclusively via the Marketplace, separated into Male and Female shapes.

We also sell male and female shapes in collaboration with Adam n Eve where we also work as CSRs. These shapes are available for purchase at Adam n Eve.


Sometimes we prefer photography for the sake of photography rather than to review the items worn and from time to time we feature some favourite snapshots on the blog.


We review male and female clothing with a particular focus on historical and fantasy-inspired outfits, though we also feature more contemporary items, especially lingerie and gowns. We also enjoy reviewing accessories (in particular jewellery), hair and skins.

We are happy accept review copies, but if we have not featured your items before we would suggest sending us demos and/or pictures to begin with. While we will offer constructive criticism when it is warranted, we do want to avoid posts with predominantly negative comments. That said, if you prefer sending review copies unsolicited (we know it can be just as awkward for designers to ask bloggers as for bloggers to ask designers), we may offer comments in private if we decide against blogging an item (and if you don't hear anything from us, don't feel shy about asking us).