Hippoi Athanatoi

The Birthday

7 years ago, a dog was born that changed my life. All dogs do, one way or another, but not always this much. I wrote about this before, but I keep coming back to it. Breeze came into my life as I had begun taking anti-depressants in the wake of Ringo’s illness and started to become more able to do things with my life. That meant that the 6.5 years we shared were some of the most fulfilling of my life. We travelled to shows all over Sweden (and a few in Norway) with him and I became friends with some wonderful people thanks to him. At the same time, The World of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones gave us the opportunity to travel abroad more than I had ever done before. That was not because of Breeze, but in my mind he became deeply associated with this very happy time in my life.


I am still struggling with how to move on and how to believe that I can still be happy without him. We’ve had Winter’s sister Signe here for almost two weeks and it has really underscored how much I miss him. Signe, though very different from him in most respects, has a few little habits that are much more Breeze than Winter. It has also reminded me (as if I had really forgotten) how much I miss having two dogs, even if we didn’t get to have Breeze and Winter together for nearly long enough.

There’ll be more dogs. Soon, I hope. But I’ll never stop missing you, Breeze.

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