Claiming the Throne

The warrior creeps through the woods, approaching the clearing with caution. In the middle of it stands a mossy throne, lit by the flickering flames of two torches. Certain that there is no ambush awaiting her, she approaches the throne, her spear in hand.

Tomorrow, a new round of We Love Role-Play opens, offering a great selection of new releases at discounts of 15% to 30%. Almost entirely kitted out by the event, my orc warrior has skin (with great muscle definition!), eyes and tattoos by Fallen Gods, wears an outfit by Athe Fantasy and carries a naginata by Thorn. The throne is by MoonSha and comes in several variants, plus a hud for each variant that offers different shades.

Another event, already on-going, is Hair Fair 2024. It covers six regions and offers hairs and hair-related products, with all items sold donating a percentage to Wigs for Kids. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to update your look, for example with the Nyx hair from Exile that I am wearing here.

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Body Parts: Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya hands & feet, LeLutka Raven head, LeLutka eyes with Fallen Gods Genesis Eyes Flesh
Skin: Fallen Gods Uruk Kin Clay (We Love Role-Play)
Cosmetics: Fallen Gods Ragnar Tattoo Mithril, Head and Body (We Love Role-Play)
Hair:  Exile Nyx (Hair Fair 2024 - Streaks)
Clothes:  Athe Fantasy Tassili Top & Skirt (We Love Role-Play)
Accessories: Thorn Naginata
Poses: Nantra Ayla
Decor: MoonSha Rock Throne Mossy (We Love Role-Play)

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