I am heading off on vacation tomorrow and will only have my laptop for a couple of weeks, so I am not expecting to do much—if any—blogging. But before heading out, I just had to show a few more pieces from We Love Role-Play.

Alia Baroque’s Libertine brand offers decadent furnishings and the Swan daybed is no exception. Rich textures (there’s a variety of fabrics included) draw your eye, inviting a virtual touch. The Swan comes in Adult and Mature versions, with both single (male and female) and couple poses (cuddles, sex, vampire).  In the background, I added the rustic mirror from Constraint, well suited to the roughness of the bare castle walls. Finally having real mirrors can add so much depth and life to a scene.

I thought the Leigh fantasy lingerie from deviousMind was a great match for the Swan, seeing as its a fanciful mix of pearls and feathers. Very minimal and very pretty.

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Twice the Tease

With the new Firestorm release finally out, PBR has gone mainstream—or at least headed quickly towards it. In addition to the update to the beautiful vanity, Dutchie also has a couple of free-standing mirrors out. I decided to combine showing off one of those with a few new pieces from DICTATORSHOP’s Luxe range, including a an elegant chair which in this version includes Adult animations and lapdances. There are definitely some very saucy options to be had, as well as cuddles and both Maledom and Femdom animations. My favourite among the other decor pieces is the light on the table, which has options for adjusting for example colour, radius and intensity. And speaking of DICTATORSHOP, do not miss out on their store-wide 50% off anniversary sale which starts today.

The sexy outfit is a Petrichor & Ersch collaboration for the Warehouse Sale. Through the HUDs you can change not only the texture but the opacity and length of the dress. The leather harness is worn separately, and you can also turn off the top or bottom if you prefer to use just one part. The hair, with its thick waves, is Tide by the Truth Collective (Truth and Wasabi in this case) for Kustom9, and it includes four different styling versions.

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Remember the Tempest Whip from DICTATORSHOP? They have a new whip out at We Love Role-Play using the same animations but with a very cool new look that fits the role-play theme; it is a whip of electricity.  The handle has a steampunk look go with the name—the Tesla Whip—and the sounds are new as well, providing different crackling noises as you hold or swing your whip. I decided to imagine it as a weapon and went out hunting for demonic creatures in what I might call a fantasy version of a Lara Croft outfit. Both the outfit by Jangka and the Samaeal winged snake by Axis Mundi are also available at WLRP.

This “bubble braid” style by Wasabi, with two cute loose curls in the front, seemed like a great fit with the outfit, stylish yet conveniently out of the way.

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Speaking to the Gods

The latest release from Del-ka Aedilis is a set of Roman cult shrines to various deities, each with different offerings of fruits and breads. You’ll find these at the current round of We Love Role-Play and while there were not truly Roman dresses or accessories this round, I decided to create more of a fantasy priestess look to go with the shrines.

First, we have the Sassa dress from Rakshasa. I absolutely adore the options this dress comes with as you can have long, short or no sleeves and you have tons of different sections that you can choose different textures for. I went for different hues of leather, imagining a somewhat archaic look for this priestess.  She also wears a headdress from Bliensen + MaiTai which happens to fit really well with the Karma hair from the Truth Collective, a style which has a braid and also a small section tied off on the top of the head. The headdress has a nice patina, making it look like something that has been in use for a long time.

She also has footwear from lassitude & ennui, but the shots I ended up using do not show them enough so I will have to revisit them.

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Rooftop Shelter

You have been invited to take refreshments with a view atop the roof of a desert manse, with shelter from the sun provided by a colourful tent. The company is pleasant as well.

For this round of We Love Role-Play, Aurora offers the Jasmine set, which can be worn with or without the jewellery and customised with materials, transparency and colour options for both fabrics and metals. I really like the sleek shine of the fabric here. As an accessory, I have added a necklace from Constraint.

Also from WLRP are the refreshments from Cerridwen’s Cauldron, the Lantern Fruits set which offers several different versions of the decor and also gives out holdable fruits and drinks. A beautiful set of fantasy fruits and drinks, very decorative. The rest of the decor are older releases from paper moon, from their Oasis series.

My hair is a brand-new Wasabi release called Harlow, an extra long style with sweeping long bangs. Perfect for this sort of look but also a sultry modern style.

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Serpent Witch

The Fantasy Faire is over for this year (though I did manage to sneak in for this photo) but We Love Role-Play is here! The May round offers a fine lineup of creators and I am starting my blogging with a silk from Ruxy accessorized with double armlets from Secret Witch.  Ruxy’s outfit features metal flowers, delicate chains and two minimal pieces of fabric for your modesty. The included HUD gives several texture options for each element and the set is fitted for Maitreya Lara X and Legacy.

Secret Witch’s armlets combines celestial imagery with a serpent, very appropriate indeed for a witch. There’s a HUD for texture options and the armlets are fitted for Maitreya Lara X, Legacy and Ebody Reborn.

The pose was released by Astalianda for the Fantasy Faire and the hair is a recent Happy Weekend special from Wasabi, a cute pigtail style with or without bangs.

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Fantasy Faire 2024: A Guiding Light

I already used one of the poses from Audition, but the Beacons of Hope set is so perfect for the message of the Fantasy Faire that I wanted to revisit it again for this post. The lonely figure in the opening of the door, small against her surroundings but still offering a hopeful light, seemed like such lovely imagery.

Of course, it also gave me the opportunity to feature more Faire-releases, such as the pretty Eleanor gown from Faida, a sweet and simple style in a beautiful rose colour which is one of two special colours found in RFL vendors. I think the ribbon necklace from Sigma complements it in a lovely way.

The building is from Del-ka Aedilis Medieval Series, a charming townhouse with two stories and ivy clinging to the walls. The second story is set back a little bit, creating a fenced-in veranda in front of the door.

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Courtyard Captive

The roleplay gets a little naughtier today with the Rogue Shibari Frame from DICTATORSHOP, available at We Love Role-Play at 25% off from its usual price. The rough bamboo frame offers four textures and over 140 animations for 1 to 2 avatars, with both maledom and femdom menus being available. The Rogue series offers rough wood and suggestions of harsher play, which I think it fits right into the courtyard of the Quinta Palace by Fanatik. A public punishment for bad behaviour, perhaps?

I added in some mood lighting with the sturdy braziers from Tirrany Designs, also from WLRP, as is Superdoll’s Siren’s Modesty set, a minimal bikini with little moon designs. For a final set of WLRP releases, I used Boudica’s Brows in Ginger and one of the Iceni appliers for my eyes, a matching set from lovelysweet.

The gorgeous and aptly named Lush hair is a new Truth Collective release from Truth and Wasabi, available at the Truth mainstore. It comes with and without bangs, with four options for how to style the hair and with optional clips at each temple.

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alaskametro has several new releases out for Skin Fair, which runs from March 8th to March 25th. The “Fit” body skin has received a significant update, which includes new tones and new add-ons. The skin is now sold in 4 packs with 3 tones in each, which at L$250 per pack remains a fantastic bargain for a great body skin. And, if you have bought the “Fit” body before, make sure to check which packs you get redelivered as Alaska is generously providing updates for previous purchases.  This body skin is in my top three for sure, it is so natural and well-balanced in terms of texture and shading. Not too shiny, not too shaded, not too exaggerated in any way. I am definitely very happy to have even more tones to play with and to potentially match with other face skins.

Of course, Alaska also provides some very nice face skin. For Skin Fair, she has updated Abby (again, check for redeliveries if you bought her before) and created two new faces; Amber, a Genus or SLUV skin, and Maya, an EvoX Asian skin. I decided to photo all three ladies in the Basix underwear from alaskametro outlet on the Marketplace and posing on the Gelato limited edition of the Valentine furniture from DICTATORSHOP, available at Cosmo until the 16th of March.

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Snake Goddess

Sometimes, you just have to go full Sword & Sorcery and seeing the Apophis snake from Axis Mundi immediately put me in that mood. The huge cobra can be extensively customised via the HUD and will slither along with you as you walk or slither in a coil around you when you are standing still. To dress the part I selected Superdoll’s Stardust Sorceress, a cute little fantasy outfit which also offers a lot of texture options. As accessories, Nefekalum’s impressive Shrike headdress, with sweeping horns and dangling chains, and a dagger from Thorn’s set of several variants. Each dagger is scripted for quite a few different hand/arm poses which you access through clicking the weapon. The final piece from We Love Role-Play is the Dragon Teeth collection by Cerridwen’s Cauldron, which helps create a fantastical landscape.

In addition to the new releases from WLRP I am also Wasabi’s latest hair release, out this weekend for FLF, and my skin is from alaskametro for the Skin Fair, though you’ll get to see that in more detailed in a separate post.

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My Fair Vanity

For Valentine’s Day, Dutchie sent out a lovely vanity for her subscribers. It features the usual well-selected animations and impeccable mesh and textures, as well as a bonus feature: mirrors using PBR. Now, the included notecard explains that using PBR for mirrors is still in its early stages and still has a lot of issues, but of the implementations I have tried, Dutchie’s is the best I have seen and it really does add something to the room to have a mirror. Because of this, I made a short video showing a couple of the animations and what the mirror effect looks like. Note, I misspoke a little in the video; there’s several (10, in fact) couple animations under the Kiss menu. And if you like the look of this vanity, there will be an adult version coming as well, with an option for subscribers to get a L$1000 rebate. I also did not explore the texture options for the vanity since it fit so well into the look of Dutchie’s Waterland house out of the box.

Also worn in the video is a new Truth Collective hair and a sexy new Petrichor release (just Petrichor, not a collaboration this time as I think I may have said in the video). For additional credits and links, look below the video.

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The Love Loft

Need some more hearts in your virtual life? Then DICTATORSHOP has you covered with their Valentine collection, which includes some previous releases as well as new additions for 2024.  I’ve mixed a few of each to setup this cosy loft and I’ve done opted for the black texture for all the pieces as I wanted a very sleek look.

So, what do we have here? The central pieces is the Canopy Heart Bed, which is an Adult Kink bed with 550 animations catering to straight, gay and lesbian pairings. It offers a range of metal and fabric textures and includes optional drapes and lights for a very sweet, romantic look. For this post, I only made use of some of the solo animations, so expect to see it again down the road.

The other piece with animations is the Dance Pole, offering a nice selection of both male and female dances that give your avatar quite a workout!

In addition to these two pieces, there are three new decor releases. The Swirl Lamp is a free gift at the Shop & Hop until February 19th. The Heart Lamps (includes two versions) are available at the store and discounted to L$50 for group members and the Heart Tables are a new instore release.

The bodysuit I am wearing is a new release by Faida for the Fetish Fair and I am using it on the sexy and athletic Khara body from Inithium.

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Ancient Empire

A long-forgotten throne, hidden away in a secret chamber. And its guardian, waiting for someone to rediscover the treasures of an ancient empire.

Lore has a fabulous set of Egyptian-inspired pieces out at We Love Role-Play, as well as some matching vases available at the mainstore. The throne includes single and couple poses, though I have to repeat my little niggle from the MoonSha throne: I would love some more throne-appropriate sits. Otherwise, I love the look of this gaudy, over-the-top throne. The large ankh floats mysteriously in the air and the smaller versions attach to your hand and float above your palm.  You have several options for metal and gem textures via a hud, for both the throne and the ankhs.

For my outfit I wanted something a bit Sword & Sorcery, which the Amarylis set from Petrichor and Ersch provided. It comes, as always, with a ton of texture options. My hair is another Wasabi & Truth collaboration, a very long and sleek style called Spirit.

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Enthroned Conqueror

We Love Role-Play opens its February round tomorrow and if you have a hankering to sit on a throne, this round is offering some excellent options.  From MoonSha comes the imposing Dragon Throne, available in several striking textures, some solid and some two-toned. This is “Inferno”, which I thought was particularly fitting given the name. The throne also comes in Single, PG and Adult versions, which of course determines the animations offered. I would have liked to see a few more…imperious sitting animations and ideally having the sits divided up across menus according to style. When I am aiming to look like a conqueror, cute isn’t what I want. But its a minor quibble.

However, yes, in this instance, looking like a conqueror was definitely my goal, seeing as I donned the Rowan armour from Poet’s Heart. This armour includes male and female fits and cool texture options for both the plate and the mail. I like the way it fits, neither adding too much extra bulk or slimming you down.

The crown, which happened to have a texture option that matched the throne really well, is by Nefekalum. It would look even better if I was using a PBR viewer, but I haven’t switched over yet. I may have to try the Firestorm alpha again, though I didn’t like that it removes the option to turn off Advanced Lighting, since I usually only have that on for photos even if I have a machine that can handle having it on all the time.

Finally, the black face tattoos are by Core & Gore, adding a touch further fierceness to my appearance.

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Mistress in Furs

NOTE: Updated text. The Mistress Chair is brand new, not just updated!

Dutchie has just released the femdom version of the Leather Tub Chair which features over 100 couple animations specific to this version and many of these are brand new, custom animations. The Mistress Chair also has Lovense compatibility, for extra immersion and fun if you own any Lovense sex toys. The latter function has also been added to the already existing maledom Master Chair.

To show off the chair, I decided to wear very little, foregoing the dress from the Vanerin set by Petrichor and Ersch and wearing only the fur accessories as well as the separate fur cuffs, both pieces available at Collabor88. That also shows plenty of the lovely Persephone skin by Nar Mattaru, here in Caramel, and I love how the Jaya hair by the Truth Collective (Truth and Wasabi in this case) frames the face.

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