Paradise Regained

Adam n Eve was one of the first stores that I coveted something from in Second Life. After saving up to buy that first gorgeous ball gown from sachi Vixen, I ended up applying to be staff in the store. Fortunately, they took on my rather newbieish self. The rest is in fact history, since I’ve remained there ever since. As such, I can obviously not claim to be an unbiased consumer, but I would still want to urge any skin lovers out there to give the latest Adam n Eve skins a good look. There are two faces out so far, Disa and Laina, and there are more to come. Today, I am showing you Disa, and if you click through you’re definitely getting to see all of her; I don’t like covering up for skin posts!

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Disa has a bit more texture than the previous range of Adam n Eve skins (still largely available in the brand-new store build, if you prefer a smoother look) and as a result I think she photos very nicely. I also think this is a very versatile face, with the nose and lips being flattering on a wide range of shapes.

Disa comes in four tones—t1 to t4, this is a t3—and with 6 base makeups plus a pack of add-on lipsticks sold separately. Included with each skin are add-on blonde and red brows, cleavage enhancer and dehancer and dimples.

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I have been a big fan of the body on Adam n Eve skins for a long time, especially the rear view! I don’t think there are many (if any) skins in SL that have such a nice bottom. I also think Disa happens to have a pair of very nice, quite natural-seeming breasts.

The body, just like the face, has a touch more texture than the previous line, but I don’t think anyone would find it too textured. It matches very easily to both Slink hands and feet, for example.

The shape I am showing Disa on is one that should be on sale at Adam n Eve quite soon and it is my first attempt at making a shape that pleases me in terms of being reasonably realistic and still conforms somewhat well to the Standard Sizes. I used a number of the settings from the Medium size to create Disa, though she is by no means a perfect fit; for example, I added more body fat and toned down her bottom for a more proportionate result.

Come over to Adam n Eve to check out the new build and give Disa and her “sister” Laina a try. I think you will find that they offer something quite a bit different and give you a very distinctive look.

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