Candle Lit

We Love Role-Play’s new round is now open and today I wanted to show both a dress and some furnishings; as always, the event includes much more than just avatar accessories. The dress is my second one from Senzafine, a store that continues to impress me with their mesh clothing. The furnishings are from Rustica; Maxwell Graf has released a set of candle-holders that makes full use of the new materials options and they look amazing in the official viewer.

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Starting with the dress, Eryssel, it is inspired by the various Elven “homelands” in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. This is the Rivendell version. The swirling embroideries do indeed capture a certain Elvish feeling and I love this particular colour combination, which feels quite lush and autumnal.

On the table stands the candlestick from Rustica, in the gilded/wood option. The table and the chairs are also from Rustica.

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For a grander piece of illumination from Rustica, if a candlestick isn’t quite enough for you, how about this chandelier, again in the gilded/wood option? The detailing on these pieces, and the use of materials, is quite amazing. Imagine if Second Life was all like this?

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The final piece is this gilded wall scone, which looks ever so appropriate on the stone walls of the Carriageway House, also from Rustica.

There are four different options for these pieces; gilded, gilded/wood, iron and iron/wood. In addition, each set also includes cell-shaded versions of the pieces, for a quite fabulous “cartoony” look.

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