Get ready for another round of We Love Role-Play, starting tomorrow. Among the pieces on offer for this round is this elegant mesh gown by the Library. The Asia gown really shows how you can combine mesh with clever texturing to create a style that is more complex than the base mesh. It has a vaguely Grecian or Roman feel and would suit well for roleplay in a setting with a warm climate.

With it I am wearing the newest hair from Wasabi Pills, Tanya, and a set of gorgeous bangles from Maxi Gossamer, both out for this month’s FaMESHed. The San Remo bangles utilize materials so should be seen in the latest official viewer for the best effect.

Click for full-sized image
Click for full-sized image

In the first shot, I am using the regular Copper bangles, in the second shot I am using the aged Copper bangles. You also get Gold and Silver versions (regular and aged) with your purchase. Maxi Gossamer has used the new materials to create a truly metallic effect in these pieces and I cannot wait to see more jewellery that uses these techniques. Being such a jewellery…hoarder already, I foresee a lot of new additions to my inventory once this takes off.

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