Pale as Snow

If you just can’t wait until noon tomorrow for Enchantment, then hurry up and join the Enchantment Update Group and you will get early access to the sim at midnight tonight. I’ll be finishing up my pre-opening coverage with a not entirely SFW Snow White. Don’t miss the closer look at ellabella’s gorgeous jewellery set in the next picture.

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The lovely glass casket prop, called the Tale of Snow White, is actually not from Enchantment but an earlier release from Fairy Sola of Studio Sidhe. Five poses illustrate the end of Snow White, albeit with a little twist. Given how very appropriate it was for the theme, I knew I had to work it in even though it wasn’t a new release.

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Brand new and exclusive for Enchantment, however, is the jewellery set from ellabella. You can choose between Snow White (seen here, featuring pale, pale pastels) and Blood Red (which features deeper colours on the stones, with a lovely red as the focal point) and the set includes a very generous selection of pieces: two hair pieces, earrings, dermal piercings (I love the under-eye studs), a headpiece, a stunning necklace and a ring. It is a beautifully executed and very well fitted set; I only needed to make some tiny adjustments for a near-perfect fit.

My hair is one of Exile’s brand new releases, Dream of Paradise, and I was so thrilled to find that the Natural hud now includes 10 colours. That is incredibly well-priced and makes me press “Buy” so much faster than if I have to weigh the pros and cons of various colour packs against each other. My skin is still Pixie from the Skin Shop; you can’t ask for a better super-pale skin.

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