Blood of the Dragon

Mystic Realms Faire is open! Two sims full await you and trust me, there’s some really good things on offer. Plus, the sims themselves are gorgeous, though given the lag that usually accompanies events it may be hard to admire that aspect during the first days of the faire.

I am feeling very at home in a mystic realm today, with my avatar transformed into a Dragon Halfling thanks to Beastie Shack. I am also wearing MRF releases by Senzafine, ieQED and Exile.

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The Dragon Halfling is the work of Kalia Firelyte and scripter Ashur Constantine. It comes in three base colours - black, green and the red seen here - but you also get a ton of customisation options that I will get to in just a moment. The set includes horn, wings and tail and when clicked each piece offers you options to adjust the textures and the shapes (horns) and poses (wings and tail). There’s five horn shapes, two wing positions (plus the option to have them flapping; the fly animation can also be set to turn on when you fly) and eight tail poses. The texture options are very extensive as well and were plenty of fun to play around with. On the whole I was really impressed with all aspects of this set, from modelling and texturing to scripting.

I paired the dragon parts with the lovely Elaisse gown in Moonlit Noir from Senzafine. Synjari Myriam keeps turning out amazingly textured gowns in stunning colour combinations, whether monochrome like this or very bold like some of her peacock inspired combinations.

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Exile’s Royal Command hairstyle is a lovely partial updo, with the hair gathered into a high tail and then draped over one shoulder. As always, I love styles without bangs, and I love the extremely versatile and well-priced naturals pack. If you want to sell hair to me, make sure I can get a black, a dark red/auburn, a coppery/fiery red and a silver/silver-gold hair in at most two packs. Otherwise I get indecisive about what to get and that usually means I don’t end up buying anything at all.

On my hands I am wearing the claw rings in copper from ieQED for MRF. They come in five metals and pre-adjusted for a couple of different mesh hand options. I love how small and rather innocuous they look until you get closer.

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It isn’t easy being a dragon halfling, however. For one thing, everyone of your gowns will need to accommodate your wings and your tail, and sometimes your horns really get in the way of dressing your hair as you want.

It has its perks too, though. Sometimes you just have to escape and then wings are very handy to have.

That gorgeous skin is of course from Pink Fuel (a group gift in the hazel tone) and I am wearing Mayfly mesh eyes in Red Honey. The first two poses are from Musa’s excellent sets of Gown poses.

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