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A new round of Romp, as always full of elegant kink, starts tomorrow (October 2nd). Two of the participating brands are Dutchie and Aisling and as it would happen their releases went rather well together. Now, I do want to stress before anyone dives into this post that it is most definitely NSFW. That was hard to avoid when Dutchie went and released a whole playroom full of furniture. In fact, it is such a large release that this post only looks at three of the five new items and even then it just scratches the surface as there’s over 200 animations in total. And guys, if your equipment is by Aeros, you will appreciate the new auto-tilting feature of these pieces.

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To start with, we have a bondage post with 30 animations and 3 sequences. The post gives out cuffs (which trigger particular chains when you’re using the post), a whip and a dildo.

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The animations in the bondage post are a nice mix of more subtle D/s as well as some pretty raunchy action. They are divided into three sets; facing, back and hanging.

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The suspension rack has a few more animation categories, including a set of solo animations with various suspended positions and a set of threesome animations. As with the bondage post, they run the whole range, from quiet foreplay to full-on action.

The Lisira collar and the Bellion nipple rings are Aisling’s releases for ROMP. They each come with a HUD for texture change and the metal colours match across both sets. The nipple rings can either work with the nipples on your body or you can choose to display an included nipple that can be tinted to match your skin.

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The rack has a total of 60 animations and 5 sequences and it also gives out cuffs, a whip (seen here in action) and a dildo.

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The final item in this post is the bondage horse, which is probably the naughtiest of the three pieces as I don’t think there was a single even somewhat SFW animation. ;) It, too, comes with solo, duo and threesome animations, for a total of 40 animations and 3 sequences.

The two pieces from the playroom that this post does not cover is a detention cabinet and a four-poster bondage bed with chains. I am definitely hoping to get to those soon, but I think five images in a post is pushing it already. However, I do need to talk a bit more about the overall qualities of the set. Each piece is a well-made, low land impact mesh object, with neutral styling that easily could fit into any kind of scenario. I went for a fantasy-inspired setting here, but I might as well have used more modern surroundings and it would have worked as well. Equally versatile as the appearance of the pieces are the animations selected for each object. This has always been a hallmark of Dutchie products; an excellent selection of quality animations that give a wonderful sense of character, no matter what actually is going on. Touches, head angles and all the small details add up to make these animations both realistic and full of atmosphere.

As I mentioned initially, there is also a new feature included with all these pieces and that is auto-tilting for guys wearing an Aeros cock. With this feature, you do not need to use the HUD to change the angle when the animation changes as long as you have set it up for auto tilting for the particular object that you’re currently using. It was a quick and easy setup with the included instructions and worked very smoothly when we tested it out.

In this post I am also making use of the tinting feature on the latest Slink Physique update, which has allowed me to wear my beloved Tanya skin from Tuli with one of Tuli’s new body appliers even though the base tones are quite different from older skins. I am also wearing the Namiriel hair by Tableau Vivant. Ran, meanwhile, is wearing the Intrigue outfit by Fallen Gids & Faida, the Rogue hair by Exile and one of his Abyss skins with the Mesh Project body.

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