Just Playing

A new round of Romp, as always full of elegant kink, starts tomorrow (October 2nd). Two of the participating brands are Dutchie and Aisling and as it would happen their releases went rather well together. Now, I do want to stress before anyone dives into this post that it is most definitely NSFW. That was hard to avoid when Dutchie went and released a whole playroom full of furniture. In fact, it is such a large release that this post only looks at three of the five new items and even then it just scratches the surface as there’s over 200 animations in total. And guys, if your equipment is by Aeros, you will appreciate the new auto-tilting feature of these pieces.

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Working Out Those Kinks

ROMP‘s winter fair, Fresh, opens today at noon. As with ROMP’s other events, the focus is “elegant kink” and from the preview that was offered yesterday I would say it does a fine job of living up to that mission statement. There’s furniture and props, clothing, accessories and of course poses. As with most events, there’s more clothing and accessories for the ladies, but there is some for men as well.

bauwerk, the furniture line from 22769, is offering a furniture and prop set where the pieces with animations in come in either pg or adult versions. I decided to set it all up in the new Aspen Villa from Convair for FaMESHed and slipped into some lacy things from Cannibelle, also from ROMP.

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Elegantly Naughty

I love getting new skins, not the least because it is always a good excuse for getting naked. That is, save for some gorgeous jewellery and a pair of ultra-sexy shoes. And once you’re mostly naked, then lounging about on a new bed seems like a really good idea… You see? It all comes together so nicely.

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Tied up in the Attic

There’s Summer Loving going on at the Deck for this round of My Attic and I have some new lingerie from Luxuria to show you as well as shoes from the new brand Bushu. At the same time, there’s a kinkier sort of loving going on at Romp and of course Dutchie is there.

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