Tied up in the Attic

There’s Summer Loving going on at the Deck for this round of My Attic and I have some new lingerie from Luxuria to show you as well as shoes from the new brand Bushu. At the same time, there’s a kinkier sort of loving going on at Romp and of course Dutchie is there.

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Summer Crush, here in Radiant Orchid, is Roslin Petion’s first release with Physique appliers. Since I have been living in Physique since its release, I did not waste any time in snatching up this sweet, summery lingerie set from Luxuria. I am very happy to see Roslin back to working on Luxuria releases and I hope to see more for Physique.

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The Brooklyn shoes by Bushu are also a My Attic release. They are made for the high Slink feet and come in a wide range of colours, including some very nice duo-toned ones. They have quite the wicked heel and great detailing such as stitches and buckles on the straps. Two versions are included, one with materials and one without.

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The Dutchie bondage/spanking chair from Romp is the same chair model as the dining set I featured some weeks ago, but where that chair was full of dining and meeting animations, this one has something else entirely on the menu. The animations are divided into Bondage, Spanking and Talking and there are three pre-made sequences. Its a prop that will fit in just about anywhere and offer easy access to a nice selection of fun and sexy animations.

My skin is DeeTalez Shirin (with Physique appliers) and I am wearing the Barbara hair from Alice Project, one of her Hair Fair releases and another of her gorgeous braided styles. I can’t get enough of those.

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