Working Out Those Kinks

ROMP‘s winter fair, Fresh, opens today at noon. As with ROMP’s other events, the focus is “elegant kink” and from the preview that was offered yesterday I would say it does a fine job of living up to that mission statement. There’s furniture and props, clothing, accessories and of course poses. As with most events, there’s more clothing and accessories for the ladies, but there is some for men as well.

bauwerk, the furniture line from 22769, is offering a furniture and prop set where the pieces with animations in come in either pg or adult versions. I decided to set it all up in the new Aspen Villa from Convair for FaMESHed and slipped into some lacy things from Cannibelle, also from ROMP.

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Black leather, decorated with corset-like lacings, is the unifying element of the furnishings, which consist of the Black Leather Bed, Black Tied Leather Bench, Alligator Skin Nightstand and Decadence Leather Chair. The bed, the bench and the chair all come with a selection of animations, though for the first two shots I am using static poses from Picture This!

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Matching the corset-theme are the stockings from Cannibelle, which are patterned in the back to look like they lace up. For this shot, I added the nylon thong in black, also from Cannibelle, though the garters and the stockings look very nice without anything else as well.

The mask is from the raven mask gacha by deviousMind; this particular version is called the Steamraven and it is one of the commons. It includes colour-changing for the beak and the feathers.

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I was drawn to this furniture set as soon as I tried out the chair and noticed that proportionally, it fit my avatar really well. I usually look pretty short next to your average SL avatar and as such furniture often comes out way too large. But all the pieces of this set fit me (and Ran) really well and that is always a pleasure.

The Decadence Leather Chair definitely encapsulates the elegant kink feeling and any master or mistress would surely feel at home in it. Next to the chair are some of the props also for sale at ROMP from bauwerk; in addition to the whip and handcuffs seen here, there’s a tray of ice cubes, a box with a dildo, a floor vase and a bit of a naughty lamp (seen in the first shot).

Both the furnishings and the props are beautifully modelled and textured and even if kink isn’t your thing, they look great in any modern home where a dark, stylish colourscheme is desired. My only little quibble is with the animations; I would have liked to see some more elegant kink reflected in those as well.

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Finally, a better look at the Aspen Villa. It is a very stylish, modern house with a fairly open floorplan downstairs and several rooms upstairs. Plenty of windows let in light from all angles and give you a fabulous view of your surroundings. Also available at FaMESHed is a complete kitchen set made to fit into the villa.

My skin is Shirin from DeeTalez and my hair is Serena by Wasabi Pills. Ran is wearing Hunter from the Skin Shop (on the Mesh Project mesh body) and hair from Maitreya.

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