Elegantly Naughty

I love getting new skins, not the least because it is always a good excuse for getting naked. That is, save for some gorgeous jewellery and a pair of ultra-sexy shoes. And once you’re mostly naked, then lounging about on a new bed seems like a really good idea… You see? It all comes together so nicely.

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Let’s start from the bottom, with the shoes from lassitude & ennui. The Obsession sandals are out for the new ROMP monthly event, which runs Friday to Monday (meaning it ends in a few hours!) and features brand-new mainstore releases for under L$500. The theme for each round is elegant kind and these sandals certainly fit the bill. They are made especially for the Slink Physique body, but fitted mesh for the regular SL body will be added in a future update.

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The skin providing the excuse for getting naked is a release for We Love Role-Play from Imabee called Calaerneth. I love that this is an even paler tone than what Imabee had out before (and the purchase includes appliers for Slink Physique, yay) and you get a nice set of add-ons with lipstick options, a liner and a blush. You also get several brow options, but I must admit I would have loved a no-brow option since the dark isn’t really dark enough for my tastes. It is a very lovely face, however, with a very feminine but not too cute look.

The stunning jewellery set is by Zaara for this month’s round of Collabor88. The Banjara silvery jewellery set features an array of necklaces and bangles from oxidized silver which traditionally are worn together. There are three different necklaces and three options for the bangles. Zaara does not release as often as some creators, but when she does, you can be sure it will be top-notch quality. These pieces look amazingly real—I just wish I could pull them out of my computer screen to wear them myself!

The hair is Ela by EMO-tions and I really love how it cascades down each side of the face. Perhaps it hides a little much, but it also manages to frame the face quite nicely (and conveniently cover up just enough that I didn’t have to mark the pictures as mature on Flickr ;).

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The bed, which is packed full of some very nice solo sits (as well as a range of adult poses, but this time I didn’t get a chance to try them out) is from Trompe Loeil for Collabor88. It is available as either Adult or PG and in light or dark wood. Included with each purchase is a neat and a messy bed (I am using the latter here) and a very nice range of textures for each bit of fabric.

The house is also from Collabor88, the Lavender Brown House Prefab from Scarlet Creative. I really like the way it is textured and there are some very nice photo angles in there. I may have a slight issue with collecting prefabs for photos…

I am of course using Slink body parts (all except my head) and my eyes are once again Mayfly’s mesh eyes. My manicure and my pedicure are brand-new from alaskametro, an example of what you can get through the Byzantine gacha at the Big Show.

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