A Tattered Page

A Tattered Page is a new event in what has become a veritable ocean of events, but this one really stands out and deserves recognition if you, like me, love books. Each round is inspired by a book, but for this event the inspiration has to be supported by a citation from the book. I have certainly started feeling that many themed events are becoming increasingly filled with items that only have a very tenuous connection to the theme so this is a welcome change of direction. If I have read and loved a book, I want to be able to really see what aspects of that book that the event creators also have fallen in love with, that makes their items all the more special to me.

For the first round of A Tattered Page, the participating creators have read and been inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I admit, it has been quite some time since I read Frankenstein, so I am not as familiar with it as I ought to be. What little reading time I’ve had this last month has been eaten up by reading for a class, alas, so I wasn’t able to brush up on it either.

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Still, even being a bit rusty, I definitely feel I can say that Luminary and Pale Empress have done a very fine job of capturing the character of Justine, the loyal and beloved servant of the Frankenstein family whom the monster frames for a murder and who ends up executed despite her innocence.

The gown by Luminary is based on the clothing of the working class in the early 18th century Switzerland (where Frankenstein is set) and it comes in five colours, with Cream being an event exclusive that won’t be sold again after the event. I went with the Rust for this photo, however, as I liked the association of dried blood given the subject matter.

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Pale Empress also created a Justine gown, but here I am wearing the two other pieces of their Justine set; the hair and the tears tattoo layer. The hair is an elegant, modest updo, perfect for the period, and comes with a HUD with 15 colours. The tears tattoo is very successful; I have seen others in the past that don’t quite manage to sell this illusion, but this one really does.

A Tattered Page, in addition to being strictly book-based and requiring direct quotes for the cited inspirations, is also a mainstore event rather than a centralized event. That means no laggy event location and a chance to see what else these talented creators have produced.

For these photos I went somewhere special, namely to the yearly Halloween event by Pulse Games. Don’t Panic runs until November 17th and you don’t want to miss this round of scary goodness. As always it is a cleverly designed story with some very spooky bits, a really great and atmospheric build and plenty of nice gifts from the sponsors hidden along the way. I did think this round was a little easier than they have been in the past, but then again, too hard can be frustrating. It was certainly a couple of well-spent hours and I do have to stress that I really enjoyed this build a lot, it was perfect for the story. The haunted old mansion also felt like an excellent location for these Frankenstein-inspired photos, especially as there was plenty of lightning going on in the background. The ruinous feel of the conservatory also felt quite appropriate.

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