Wicked Wings

I have a feeling I won’t be getting more dressed photos done anytime soon, since I have quite a few more items from ROMP to cover and since even other events have ended up offering a lot of mostly-not-there “clothing”. But trust me, I am not complaining; I really like the Physique mesh body and I am always happy to show it off.

This time, its the ieQED gacha from The Gathering that has me prancing about showing off my skin, complimented by We Love Role-Play releases from Calico and lassitude & ennui.

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The Evil Fairy gacha from ieQED (here given a vampiric twist with the HUD-changeable teeth from Tuli and the pale Aurora skin from PXL) features a bewelled harness and panty with matching earrings, nipple rings and a head chain, as well as both horns and wings. The harness is a rare and the wings and ultrarare. Each piece of jewellery comes with a HUD that gives access to 3 metal colours and 8 jewel colours.

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The awesome long braids belong to the Astrid style by Calico, available in a couple of days at We Love Role-Play. You really can’t beat Calico for opulent fantasy hairstyles and the colour selection is great.

The Astarte sandals by lassitude & ennui will also be available at We Love Role-Play. They are Slink Physique fitmesh shoes and each colour comes with black, silver and gold buckles.

The Musa fantasy poses add a touch of whimsy, so perhaps this sharp-toothed fairy isn’t all evil? Or maybe she just likes to play.

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