Christmas Ornaments

We just finished putting up our RL tree, which put me in the mood for a tree in SL as well. I brought out the fantastic Christmas tree from Libertine from 2014 which has an amazing scripted system for decorating it with ornaments that you can obtain from various sources. There’s a new version out this year at the Midwinter Fair and new ornaments in a gacha there; you will need the 2015 version of the tree to use both 2014 and 2015 ornaments.

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The poses I am using (with some small modifications in the last one)  are from oOo Studios for this weeks Fifty Linden Friday, a sexy pack of boudoir poses. The hair from Exile and the shoes by the Plastik were also available for the event this week.

The couch is also by Alia Baroque’s Libertine brand, and it is stuffed full of excellent animations.

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The beautiful skin is the revised version of alaskametro’s new skins for the anyBody event. She went back and tweaked the face shading a bit following the initial release, and it certainly did not make me any less fond of it. I liked it even before the changes, but I can see the point of them. I am wearing the Ivory tone with freckles (face and body) and ginger eyebrows.

The skins come with appliers for a wide range of mesh body parts, including several mesh heads, and the HUDs are very well designed with plenty of options offered in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

The lacy panties are from Luxuria’s Naughty Rose set in Nude.

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Matching the hue of the panties almost perfectly is the pearl harness by ieQED for kustom9. As usual it comes with a HUD offering several metal textures and several options for the pearls. You can also demo the harness, to see if it will fit your preferred body (it is also possible to resize it as it is not rigged mesh).

Its soon time to dive into cooking all the Christmas food, so we’ll see when I’ll have time for another photo session. Knowing myself, I will probably find a way to use it for a bit of procrastination.

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