Portraits of Ice and Fire: Part Three

Time to revisit my series of portraits from The World of Ice and Fire, this time with another Targaryen; Princess Daena, who would come to be known as the Defiant. The eldest of King Daeron the Young Dragon’s and King Baelor the Blessed’s sisters, she was wed to the latter until the extremely pious king annulled the marriage and imprisoned her and her two sisters to keep their beauty from tempting anyone.

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Daena was always quite a wild young woman who loved riding and archery and she managed to escape the “Maidenvault” (as the structure housing the sisters became known) on several occasions. But that was nothing compared to the scandal when she turned out to be pregnant and refused to name the child’s father, though later it would become evident that it was her own cousin, Prince Aegon. He would eventually become King Aegon IV, also known as Aegon the Unworthy. And the child? Daena named him Daemon and later on he would take the name of Blackfyre and ride in rebellion against his own half-brother.

For this portrait, I used the Kimber skin from DeeTalez in the Celtic tone and the Deepest Purple Shadow mesh eyes from Mayfly. The hair is Exile‘s Longest Night and the gown is the lush Maiden of the North in Ivory by Junbug. Finally, I am wearing the Delh Circlet in Gold from aisling for The Secret Affair. Delh comes in Silver as well and with three different looks; a simple circlet like this or with strings added.

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