Stitched in Time

After a long period of not finding much of interest to buy, I was reminded that Stitched has a number of excellent outfits for men, aimed at the roleplay market. And so I dived in with one of their latest releases, Aidyn.

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Rather clearly inspired by a certain roguish prince’s outfit in a certain popular television show (the clothing there in turn inspired by Indian fashions), Aidyn works quite nicely as a sort of desert nobleman’s attire. Although other designers may do a lot more texture rendering, Stitched’s creator focuses on providing a wide variety of colors and textures that work quite well under windlight. Of particular note is the fact that an included HUD allows you to select different colors—or to remove entirely—the shirt that goes under it; in this case, I picked the orange color. Also seen here is the excellent Dura 54 hair and a necklace from the late, lamented Alchemy Immortalis.

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The rigged mesh works very nicely in a variety of poses, although I did have to use system pants rather than mesh pants from Stitched because I couldn’t quite make them fit together without going up or down a size difference between each. However, it doesn’t matter much, as the Embroidered Boots from Lassitude & Ennui reach to mid-thigh. Excellent pair of boots.

For those with a bent for roleplay, Stitched offers a variety of medieval/fantasy clothing options for men (and a few for women), so it’s certainly worth giving it a look.

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