The Secret Affair is in full swing again and the theme for their January round is Untamed Purity. One of the designers tackling this theme is lassitude & ennui with a beautiful ensemble called Virtue.

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Virtue consists of the tight-bodiced, full-skirted dress, separate wide sleeves, a beautiful lace veil and a crown/diadem to hold it in place. Four colours are available, each with gold and silver accents, and the veil comes in several rigged sizes as well as an unrigged version.

I really like the shape and the rigging of the sleeves in particular, they add a really dramatic feel to the gown. And the veil is just stunning and will work well with other outfits as well.

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A closer look at the veil and the crown as well as the texture of the gown which I think has a really nice structure to it.

I am wearing Kimber from DeeTalez in the Celtic tone and the hair is Shine from a previous Exile’s gacha. The poses are from Diesel Works and Musa.

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