Desert Creature

I know, I know. I just wore the Thylacine boots by lassitude & ennui. But then I was going to review the Draco skin in the gorgeous blue tone that Fallen Gods released for We Love Role-Play...until I realised that the metal Draco that was given out as a group gift actually had Physique appliers.

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The wild, exuberant hair is from Exile for the new round of Collabor88, which has unicorns as a theme. Its called Windsong and comes in two parts; the main body of the hair and then an attachment with extra curls, if you want to go even a little bigger than that. I am of course wearing both here.

Both the Thylacine boots and the Fomhar dress are by lassitude & ennui and I loved how wild they looked together with this skin, like they belong to some kind of desert creature.

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Of course, I had to show more of the skin than that; just look at the amazing iridescent effect that Alia Baroque has managed to create. This has to be one of the most elaborate fantasy skins I’ve worn.

The body is definitely the strongest part of this skin; the detailing gets a little less distinct on the face (especially around the lips), though I imagine it could look pretty amazing on a mesh head.

I have to admit to having passed over quite a few otherwise great-looking releases from Fallen Gods since I started wearing Physique because I just couldn’t bear going back to having to do so much post-work on photos to smooth out the ugly bits of the default avatar. This skin really shows the advantage of a mesh body for such a detailed fantasy skin and makes me cross my fingers for more releases for Physique in the future.

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