We Love Role-Play opens its August round today and it looks like a very strong collection. I’ve gone for an all-out fantasy look for my first post from this round, featuring new items from Lumae, Trap and Alchemy as well as a new hair from Wasabi Pills and horns from an earlier round by the Plastik. There are so many great accessories at the event this time that

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Horned Goddess

In the midst of a steady stream of new releases, the Plastik has moved to a new location, so that is where you will find—among other things—the striking Living Lights Horns. These highly detailed mesh horns have an incredibly range of customisation options, covering all of your…err…horny needs. ;)

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Genre’s latest round has opened and the theme is Fae. From mischievous fairies fluttering by on iridescent wings to dark lords and ladies of the hills, luring unwary humans to their doom, there are numerous myths and legends about the fae folks of the world. With the Aes Sidhe dress from Senzafine and the Cour de Cauchemars collar and crown by aisling, I wanted to capture something of the darker side of the fae.

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Tasty Hair?

Hair Fair is still going strong with about a week to do, but it is not the only fair in town right now. There is also the Food Fair, featuring decorative food items as well as other items with a food connection.

Generally, you don’t want hair in your food, or food in your hair, but for this post we’re mixing things up. From Hair Fair, we’re showing hairs by Wasabi Pills (female) and Amacci (male). From Food Fair, we’re showing a gorgeous corset by Perception and a lovely, materials-ready necklace by Weather! or not?

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In Mourning

Fairs and events have definitely come to occupy a central position in Second Life. Some love it, some not so much. My favourites are the themed ones; the odds are always good that talented designers will get really creative with those. Such as the World Goth Fair, running from May 15th to May 31st and benefiting the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

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Fantasy Faire: Fated

Finally! The Fantasy Faire is open! Get your best low-lag outfit in—there’s one offered at the Faire, courtesy of the Plastik—and prepare for a true shopping fantasy, lasting until the 28th of April. There are new and exciting releases from each of the participating merchants and of course all of them offer specially selected RFL items, allowing you to shop and donate to the American Cancer Society at the same time.

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We’re getting closer and closer to the Fantasy Faire each day and that’s a good reason to feature two more outfits from the recent releases from the Muses; the Niniane gown and the Gwydion vest. The gown is one of three different styles featuring a mix of mesh and system layers; it can be worn both with and without the mesh kirtle, or you could just wear the mesh kirtle… The vest also comes in three different variations, some more rugged and some more elegant, and since this very much was the latter, Ran paired the vest with the Gerard shirt and the Etienne breeches from A.S.S.

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Going Gallactic

Need to look your best in space? Then Gallactic may be what you need. They’ve recently released a number of different body suits, each shiny and sexy, some more revealing (much more revealing, even) than others. I picked up a few in my favourite colours, slipped into one of the Nephilim skins from Nomine and dug out some suitable poses from CnS.

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A Rustic(a) Valentine

I’ve already shown the mesh drapery from Maxwell Graf of Rustica in a previous post, but they most definitely deserve more of a spotlight feature as well. They are lush, versatile and just the thing for changing the feel of a slightly cold and empty room to make it seem more cosy and intimate.

Also shown in these photos is the special Valentine edition of Claire from Tuli, the new Timea ankle boots from lassitude & ennui and the newest hair from Wasabi Pills.

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No Distress for this Damsel

I am in fantasy-clothing heaven. First the Muses gave us the Rainha gown and now the Shieldmaiden has been released. It uses similar elements to the Rainha gown but instead of leather and chain mail you get leather and linen, for an elegant yet slightly rustic look. As with the Rainha gown you can combine pieces from different sets to mix up the colours and this is helped along by a hud that allows you to adjust the colour of the undergown on the mesh part.

I am also wearing one of the gorgeous new hairs from LeLutka—the hair net is such a fabulous detail—and the stunning knotted pearl necklace from lassitude & ennui.

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Mesh and Sale at Nomine

Nomine has a bunch more mesh releases out since a few weeks back, including this comfortably sexy sweater dress. Nomine also has a new store build and to celebrate that everything is currently set for sale at just L$100. This includes all the new mesh items as well as all the skins and anything else available in the store. You really don’t want to miss that.

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Alchemy Immortalis is selling off four of their five sims, keeping only their mainstore to focus on creating more lovely products instead of maining their rental sims. While the prospect of more beautiful creations from Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis makes me a little giddy, I will be very sad to see some of the most atmospheric sims on Second Life disappear, so of course I had to take some more photos at Empress and Hierophant while the chance still exists. I dressed up in one of the new mixed mesh gowns from the Muses, added jewellery from Alchemy Immortalis and a lovely new updo from Amacci.

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Getting Comfortable

Nomine released another massive mesh release a few days ago. This time, Munchflower is using Standard Sizes, so those of you used to those will find the clothing fitting as usual. There’s everything from a sexy slip dress to a business suit, plus a suit for men. My hair is one LeLutka’s brand new fairy tale-themed styles and the cosy fire is from Trompe Loeil’s new Collabor88 release.

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Unhinged is Here

I am featuring some great items from a festival/fundraiser starting today. It is called Unhinged and it will run from November 15th to December 15th, collecting funds for a much-needed bone prosthesis for Eku Zhong. The merchants participating are offering either gatchas or items for sale and there’s an overarching theme of skulls. The festival is also offering plenty of musical entertainment.

This first post is showing off festival items from Pale Empress, Bilo and Pose Monster.

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