Horned Goddess

In the midst of a steady stream of new releases, the Plastik has moved to a new location, so that is where you will find—among other things—the striking Living Lights Horns. These highly detailed mesh horns have an incredibly range of customisation options, covering all of your…err…horny needs. ;)

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I grabbed the second colour (Light Gold) of Senzafine’s Aes Sidhe gown for Genre and headed off to Studio Skye’s display sims to find a suitably woodsy location to show off the horns. I rather like the moody results. The hair which plays so nice with the horns is Wasabi Pill’s Kira, from a previous round of the Arcade.

Click for full-sized image

The Living Lights Horns comes in 30 base colours for the horns themselves and I am showing the black version here. Each colour comes with 12 different options for how to wear the horns. I went for the complete version, including the ribbons and the lit candles and this is were even more customisation kicks in as there’s 6 extra HUDs available for separate purchase that allow you to colour up the ribbons and the candles separately.

The horns are wonderfully intricate and you can create some stunning looks with the many options, especially once you start playing with the ribbons and the candles.

For my skin I once again grabbed Nomine’s Nephilim skin; I’ll never quite get how people can clean out skins as soon as they’re a couple of years old. I love diving into my inventory and finding a favourite I haven’t worn in a while.

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