Genre’s latest round has opened and the theme is Fae. From mischievous fairies fluttering by on iridescent wings to dark lords and ladies of the hills, luring unwary humans to their doom, there are numerous myths and legends about the fae folks of the world. With the Aes Sidhe dress from Senzafine and the Cour de Cauchemars collar and crown by aisling, I wanted to capture something of the darker side of the fae.

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The Aes Sidhe gown comes in two colour combinations for Genre; a dark indigo and a light gold, inspired by the idea of a dark and a light fairy court. The dramatic sleeves are perfect in either colour and I love the trim accenting the overgown.

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The stunning crown and collar is another fantastic creation by aisling, available in either black and silver or black and gold at Genre. There’s something both beautiful and menacing about the tendrils of the collar and the spikey elegance of the crown.

Finding a hair for the crown wasn’t easy, but fortunately I recalled my hairbases and matching hair attachments from Amacci. The Bloom attachment, with its feathery halo around the elaborate bun, seemed to blend quite beautifully with the crown.

My skin is from Nomine’s final skin line, Nephilim, which remains my go-to choice for most fantasy looks. Both poses come from the latest set by Diesel Works, Vixen. There’s quite a few poses in that set which look like they’d be right at home on a Sword & Sorcery book cover, so I am eager to make use of more of them.

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