Alchemy Immortalis is selling off four of their five sims, keeping only their mainstore to focus on creating more lovely products instead of maining their rental sims. While the prospect of more beautiful creations from Alchemy and Immortalis Cyannis makes me a little giddy, I will be very sad to see some of the most atmospheric sims on Second Life disappear, so of course I had to take some more photos at Empress and Hierophant while the chance still exists. I dressed up in one of the new mixed mesh gowns from the Muses, added jewellery from Alchemy Immortalis and a lovely new updo from Amacci.

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The Muses, one of several little boutiques by Nephilaine Protagonist, offers several different mixed mesh gowns (as well as some full mesh gowns) and I still love that approach. It allows me to retain my own shape fully and still get the benefits of a mesh skirt for a beautiful silouhette. These gowns also come with applies for Lola’s Tangos, for those who have jumped on that bandwagon.

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The elegant updo is from Amacci and I have to say that Carina Larsen has a knack for these. They are stunning with gowns and with jewellery and the gloss of her hair textures makes them look so luxurious.

My skin is the brand new Siobhan from Adam n Eve. I think she is probably my favourite of the many new faces sachi has released in December and January, but you should really check them all out, to find your favourite.

The dramatic eyeliner, however, is from Nomine’s massive release of eyeliners.

Make sure to take the chance to visit this lovely sims while they’re still around. Or, if you’re in the market for a new home, you could even buy one of them.

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