Going Gallactic

Need to look your best in space? Then Gallactic may be what you need. They’ve recently released a number of different body suits, each shiny and sexy, some more revealing (much more revealing, even) than others. I picked up a few in my favourite colours, slipped into one of the Nephilim skins from Nomine and dug out some suitable poses from CnS.

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First up, we have the Sheer Circuit suit in Gold. This is not for the shy as it leaves rather little to the imagination. If one prefers, I would guess it could also be layered over something and still look quite fabulous.

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My second choice was the Element Solid suit in Red. Straps can of course be somewhat unforgiving when it comes to bendy poses, but that’s just how it works. I love the cut of this, especially in the back.

Gallactic is, so far, all clothing layers, so if you’re not into mesh this is definitely a store to check out. The prices are also more than reasonable and each outfit is offered in a huge variety of colours.

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