Global Domination

If you’d like to try something new in SL and get a bunch of cool stuff, then Global Domination by Hottie Cooterati might be for you. Its a game that involves searching for items and solving riddles. Some quite easy, some very hard. I played the game right on the launch night and persistent as I am, it kept me up to 4.30 in the morning as I insisted on trying to finish it all in one go. Of course, there was a race at the time to be among the first three to finish to get one of the grand prizes. I didn’t manage, but I was definitely not disappointed by the prizes available to everyone who completes the game. I also enjoyed the actual game play; the scripting of the HUD that you purchase to participate with is well done and the puzzles were fun and engaging.

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One of my favourite prizes was this Kanpur Couch from Trompe Loeil. It comes scripted for a few different fabric options and with poses for solo use and for friends and couples. The craftsmanship is, as always with Cory Edo’s products, top notch. This alone is more than worth the price of the HUD needed to play; in fact, I think that goes for all of the prizes.

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The construction of the couch really offers some beautiful opportunities for photography from all angles and if you have a home furnished in an ethnic or bohemian style, it would be just the thing as a comfortable place to lounge.

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Another favourite prize was the jewellery from Maxi Gossamer. I am really amazed by the detail that she gets into her mesh jewellery; there’s no flat texturing on these to just simulate the 3D structure of the pendant, it is all actual 3D.

The set includes the long necklace and a shorter one which can be worn separately or together.The beads are scripted for colour-changing.

My hair isn’t from Global Domination, instead it is the newest release from Wasabi Pills. Momo. Finally someone is doing mesh hair with more curl in it. I definitely want more of that and I am happy to see Wasabi Pills remaining at the forefront of trying new things with mesh hair.

You can play Global Domination all in one go as I did, but I would recommend taking a bit longer. You will likely need quite a few hours, though there is a group for hints and help that can be joined if you’re really stuck on something. I would suggest keeping some notes about the various locations you visit and to try and learn how the various tasks are constructed, because mechanics are definitely reused throughout the game so it pays to learn the patterns. Have fun!

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