Tasty Hair?

Hair Fair is still going strong with about a week to do, but it is not the only fair in town right now. There is also the Food Fair, featuring decorative food items as well as other items with a food connection.

Generally, you don’t want hair in your food, or food in your hair, but for this post we’re mixing things up. From Hair Fair, we’re showing hairs by Wasabi Pills (female) and Amacci (male). From Food Fair, we’re showing a gorgeous corset by Perception and a lovely, materials-ready necklace by Weather! or not?

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The long Donna side-braid is, predictably, my favourite of Wasabi Pills releases for the Hair Fair. It is quite amazing to see how much mesh hair has developed and what a difference it makes for longer hairs of all kinds. This style will easily work both for modern looks and roleplay looks.

Amacci can always be trusted to provide both male and female hairs and has long been one of the go-to brands for Ran. Now that Carina Larsen has moved into mesh as well, I am hoping for a lot more male mesh hairs from her because Ran’s hair collection really needs an update. This short pony tail called Tom is also a style which will suit a wide variety of looks.

I am wearing the Sweetheart Overbust corset from Perception, decorated with grapewine embroidery for the Food Fair. I love the attention to detail and the effort spent on making the fabric look like fabric and the embroidery like real embroidery. I paired it with a mesh skirt from Nomine which fit perfectly under the corset thanks to a low waist.

Ran is wearing one of the incredibly well-priced mesh outfits from Bare Rose; you don’t get any sizing options, this is true, but fortunately the default size that June Dion uses seems to work well for the body types that he prefers.

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Also from the Food Fair is the necklace and earrings from Weather? or not! I snapped these up in the blink of an eye, not just because they fit the corset so well but because they are materials ready. Just look at the shine and texture. More materials-ready jewellery, please. I love pretty sparklies, and this makes them even sparklier and prettier.

I am wearing PXL’s Sophia skin in the Olive tone and Ran is wearing the Andro skin by Nomine. The furnishings and the house are all by Rustica.

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