We Love Role-Play opens its August round today and it looks like a very strong collection. I’ve gone for an all-out fantasy look for my first post from this round, featuring new items from Lumae, Trap and Alchemy as well as a new hair from Wasabi Pills and horns from an earlier round by the Plastik. There are so many great accessories at the event this time that

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The skin by Lumae is the Callisto tone from the Fable line. Also available at the event is Entropy, a purple tone. I went with this soft grey because I had noticed that a number of the accessories I wanted to feature had grey or silvery options, so it ended up being the base for this greyscale look. Lumae offers appliers for, as far as I can see, just about every system out there. I am using the Physique body and appliers, and the skin actually comes with Visage appliers too, though here I am using the regular avatar head.

The Riven Wings by Trap mark their first participation in We Love Role-Play and I think they have made an excellent entry. The wings come in a nice variety of colours and each includes four different positions. They are unscripted and unrigged, so you can edit their position as you like.

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The Nyraxis horns, here in Stark, are available with and with materials and with and without the curtain of beads falling in front of your eyes. I love that these are front-facing horns when so many horns in SL are side-facing. As always with the Plastik, they come in a huge array of colours and patterns, sure to fit just about any look.

From Alchemy comes the Lok armour, consisting of a breast plate and a neckplate. The pieces are unrigged and modifiable, so you can easily be adjusted to your shape. I was very impressed with how well the breast plate followed the shape of the breasts when resized without getting too large in any direction. The armour comes in four colours and with a HUD for changing the stone on the neck plate.

The look is finished off by the gorgeous Jean hair from Wasabi Pills—I just cannot get enough of her braids—and a mesh skirt from much-missed Nomine. The biggest struggle was in fact finding something to keep me from having to go bottomless, I think I need more pieces that can combine with tops!

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