Today’s post is taking its title from the Spellbound pose & prop set from Picture This! I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to create something with it, so I started piecing together an enchantress from the great variety of releases at this month’s We Love Role-Play. I did “cheat” a bit with the hair; this style is actually a Hair Fair release from Calico, but it is similar to the style available at We Love Role-Play, but without hair framing the face, which allowed me to show off the jewellery better.

Click for full-sized image

The Aldryth gown, here in “Leathered”, is a lovely fitmesh gown from the Plastik and I found it worked very well with Slink’s Physique body. I am actually not alphaing out any part of the body in this photo.

The hair, with the stunning braid, is as noted from Calico and it is called Helenia. I love the really vivid reds from Calico, they’re striking without coming across as impossible.

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The Rahla circlet is another offering from the Plastik at We Love Role-Play, the Fenrir earrings are from Bliensen + MaiTai and the chestpiece is the unisex Caelens armor from Enfant Terrible (it also comes with pauldrons). Even though none of the jewellery pieces are actually part of the same set, I think they work nicely together. They are all beautifully executed, truly taking advantage of the amazing detail that mesh allows.

My skin is PXL’s Mia in Olive, with appliers for Slink Physique (and hands and feet).

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