Fantasy Faire: Fated

Finally! The Fantasy Faire is open! Get your best low-lag outfit in—there’s one offered at the Faire, courtesy of the Plastik—and prepare for a true shopping fantasy, lasting until the 28th of April. There are new and exciting releases from each of the participating merchants and of course all of them offer specially selected RFL items, allowing you to shop and donate to the American Cancer Society at the same time.

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The item I wanted to showcase in this post is one of three releases from FATEwear. Feredir is actually a male outfit, but I found that the smallest size (XS) can work alright on a female shape if you don’t mind being a little flat-chested and broad-shouldered. Alternatively, being that this is an outfit for an elf, just imagine that I am a very androgynous male elf. Either way, I just had to wear it as I am in love with the beautiful detailing. The work on the belt, to take just one example, is exquisite.

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The outfit comes in one piece, including boots and all, but you get two versions; one without the cloak and one with. When the cloak is worn, you also get a lovely leaf-shaped cloak clasp to admire from the front, but here I wanted to show the beautiful folds of the cloak from the back.

FATEwear also offers a lovely gown for a female elf and robes for a wizard. Each item comes in three colours and they are all 100% RFL items. You can find the store on the Titan’s Hollow sim. The photos were taken on another of the Fantasy Faire sims, Evensong Woods.

My skin is from Nomine and my hair is from another Faire merchant, Wasabi Pills. I am also wearing Fairy ears from Illusions.

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