No Distress for this Damsel

I am in fantasy-clothing heaven. First the Muses gave us the Rainha gown and now the Shieldmaiden has been released. It uses similar elements to the Rainha gown but instead of leather and chain mail you get leather and linen, for an elegant yet slightly rustic look. As with the Rainha gown you can combine pieces from different sets to mix up the colours and this is helped along by a hud that allows you to adjust the colour of the undergown on the mesh part.

I am also wearing one of the gorgeous new hairs from LeLutka—the hair net is such a fabulous detail—and the stunning knotted pearl necklace from lassitude & ennui.

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The Shieldmaiden gown features an overdress with a laced bodice and an underdress with separate sleeves. The fact that you can combine two different colours makes for a very medieval look. The overdress is rigged, as is the lower sleeve that goes over the hand (also appropriate for this sort of clothing), but the upper sleeves can be resized and moved as needed.

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A pearl necklace like this is perhaps not very medieval, but it is certainly gorgeous. This is the latest release from lassitude & ennui and it comes in four delicate colours. It is mesh but not rigged, though the shape of it still worked with quite a variety of poses even though it is quite long.

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The romantic Lillian hair from LeLutka is also intended for a later period, but with the hair net (which, btw, can be clicked to change the texture) feels really medieval to me. The pearls on the sides also fit beautifully with the pearl necklace and I love the way the soft little curls frame the face.

One more thing I have to stress about the Muses is that these dresses come in seven sizes, with the M+ allowing for a bit more muscle and body fat than the regular M. As long as the deformer still hasn’t been added in, this is such a huge help for those of us who don’t fit within the common range of standard sizes.

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