A Lady of Learning

I love well-researched period clothing and accessories and with this hennin Old Treasures has really hit the mark. A hennin is the classic “princess” headdress, a cone or steeple, often with a veil attached. They are associated with the late Middle Ages, particularly with Burgundy and France, which is why I opted for a Burgundian-style gown from the Muses to go with it. This is an older release, so it has two general fitmesh sizes rather than fitmesh for specific bodies, but that works fine for gowns.

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Three Witches

Salem has opened its door to all things witchy and I went straight for the 3 Witches gacha from alaskametro and played, and played and played…but clearly, I need to sacrifice a black goat for it to deliver any of its rares! That said, the commons are also fantastic and I can happily report that all three skins work across a range of Slink and LeLutka heads, even though they are made for Genus. That just leaves the two Genus HD lip appliers as Genus-specific.

Since I also had a trio of stockings from Luxuria for Salem to blog, I decided on setting up three witchy looks using each of the faces from the gacha.

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ROMP’s summer fair is now open, offering a wide array of releases on the theme “elegant kink”. My favourite pieces this time around was some of the clothing, such as the latest collaboration between Fallen Gods and Faida. In these pictures, I’ve paired it with the matching male release from these two brands for the Arena as well as a release from Jian for the Fantasy Collective.

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Skin Fair 2015: alaskametro

After being stolen away by RL for a few days it is time to take a look at another new skin release from the Skin Fair. This time we’ll be looking at alaskametro‘s new skin line. And, before we get around to the nudity, I am taking a look at some new accessories from Senzafine and ieQED.

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Working Out Those Kinks

ROMP‘s winter fair, Fresh, opens today at noon. As with ROMP’s other events, the focus is “elegant kink” and from the preview that was offered yesterday I would say it does a fine job of living up to that mission statement. There’s furniture and props, clothing, accessories and of course poses. As with most events, there’s more clothing and accessories for the ladies, but there is some for men as well.

bauwerk, the furniture line from 22769, is offering a furniture and prop set where the pieces with animations in come in either pg or adult versions. I decided to set it all up in the new Aspen Villa from Convair for FaMESHed and slipped into some lacy things from Cannibelle, also from ROMP.

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My Lady

The Fantasy Collective has opened for a new round and the combination of Senzafine‘s gown and ieQED‘s crown proved irresistible to me. I paired with a pose from Picture This! for Mystic Realms Faire (closing soon!) and found myself a stalwart knight to protect me.

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Fairy Music

You still have a few days left before The Gathering gacha event closes on the 15th. I’ll need to be back there myself to try and complete the “Game of Kings” set (if you have pieces to trade, please see my list!), but at least I didn’t have to chase down the gorgeous Elyan set from aisling since I had a review copy of that. I paired it with something from Picture This! that you will be able to get at the Mystic Realms Faire tomorrow (the 10th).

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Today’s post is taking its title from the Spellbound pose & prop set from Picture This! I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to create something with it, so I started piecing together an enchantress from the great variety of releases at this month’s We Love Role-Play. I did “cheat” a bit with the hair; this style is actually a Hair Fair release from Calico, but it is similar to the style available at We Love Role-Play, but without hair framing the face, which allowed me to show off the jewellery better.

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The Elf Queen’s Lover

This post is the result of me nagging sachi Vixen to create a paler tone for her Genesis skin line. It showed up yesterday, in the shape of Taliya Fae and Taliya Goth, with appliers for both Physique and Visage. The Fae Visage HUD includes the return of some lovely flowery eye makeups that look just amazing on a mesh head and once I had put it all on I decided that for my next blog, I’d be an elf queen. Not a fantasy elf but a folklore elf, the kind that lures mortals to wondrous places beneath the hills. As it happened, a few pieces from We Love Role-Play‘s July round (which opens today) fit perfectly with what I had in mind.

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