The Elf Queen’s Lover

This post is the result of me nagging sachi Vixen to create a paler tone for her Genesis skin line. It showed up yesterday, in the shape of Taliya Fae and Taliya Goth, with appliers for both Physique and Visage. The Fae Visage HUD includes the return of some lovely flowery eye makeups that look just amazing on a mesh head and once I had put it all on I decided that for my next blog, I’d be an elf queen. Not a fantasy elf but a folklore elf, the kind that lures mortals to wondrous places beneath the hills. As it happened, a few pieces from We Love Role-Play‘s July round (which opens today) fit perfectly with what I had in mind.

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From Picture This! comes a set of four poses, each with a pre-adjusted lantern prop. This one reminded me of the myth of Psyche and Eros, which is one of those were the girl does not get to see her lovers face as they always meet in the dark, and then someone tricks her into bringing a light one night. In this case, I think the elf queen is simply getting a better look at the mortal she’s ensorcelled.

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A close look at the Taliya Fae skin from Adam n Eve and the lovely floral makeup. The mesh head used here is Emma.

The lovely Chandra collar is one of several pieces in this post from Aisling. This is a mainstore release and it comes with a HUD for changing the metal/material of the collar. It also comes in both several rigged sizes and as unrigged, for perfect fitting. The colour options largely match those available for the impressive Gretchen earrings, which is one of Aisling’s We Love Role-Play releases for July.

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The second piece from Aisling at We Love Role-Play is the Chartres bed. It comes in a PG and an Adult version and it is packed full of poses, both single and couple. The selection really looks very good to me, with quite a few that I have not seen before. The bed also comes in several versions - one without a canopy and two with the canopy on either side - and with a HUD that allows you to customise the wood, metal and all fabric options. Two additional pieces of furniture are included; a small nightstand and a beautiful candle holder.

I am wearing hair from Wasabi Pills and eyes from FATEeyes. Ran is wearing the Prince skin from the Shops and like me he has Slink hands and feet (but not a mesh body yet, alas).

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