The Elf Queen’s Lover

This post is the result of me nagging sachi Vixen to create a paler tone for her Genesis skin line. It showed up yesterday, in the shape of Taliya Fae and Taliya Goth, with appliers for both Physique and Visage. The Fae Visage HUD includes the return of some lovely flowery eye makeups that look just amazing on a mesh head and once I had put it all on I decided that for my next blog, I’d be an elf queen. Not a fantasy elf but a folklore elf, the kind that lures mortals to wondrous places beneath the hills. As it happened, a few pieces from We Love Role-Play‘s July round (which opens today) fit perfectly with what I had in mind.

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Dinner for One

Usually showcasing furniture from Dutchie means getting naked sooner or later, but not so with this stylish dining/meeting table. Unless there’s something hiding deep in the menus, the most salacious act you will get up to with this is getting drunk at the end of your dinner. However, that does not mean there is not plenty of fun to be had with this table, not to mention that it is a very classy piece of furniture for your home.

In this post I will also be highlighting one of three new hairs from Alice Project for Rhapsody and this gorgeous new gown from Volstead.

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Swamp Thing

deviousMind released the fantastic Thyia gacha for the last round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The set has now moved into the deviousMind mainstore for those of you who still have collections to complete. You might not, for example, have some of the gorgeous rares that I am showing in these posts.

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Victory Feast

The June round of We Love RolePlay is open and it is, as always, a feast of fantasy garments, accessories, skins, hair and so on. So I thought a little feast of my own would be appropriate, courtesy of the Feast gacha from 22769‘s furnishings line, bauwerk, as well as Leto from Nephilaine Protagonist. But of course I am also showing a selection of We Love RolePlay pieces, from brands such as Kahli Designs (their Exalted line), The Forge, Calico and the Plastik. The final touch is the new roleplay applier for the Taliya skin from Adam n Eve.

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Bright Eyes

When mesh eyes were a relatively new thing, Damien Fate released his FATEeyes, a scripted product that allowed for each user to make a wide range of spectacular eyes. Over time, individually coloured mesh eyes improved so much that I largely moved away from FATEeyes except for when I needed to whip up an eye colour on the fly. Now, however, version 3.0 of FATEeyes is out and it is definitely time to give them a second look.

With June fast approaching, so is another round of We Love Role-Play and I will also be sharing a couple of previews today, from lassitude & ennui and Luminary.

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