Victory Feast

The June round of We Love RolePlay is open and it is, as always, a feast of fantasy garments, accessories, skins, hair and so on. So I thought a little feast of my own would be appropriate, courtesy of the Feast gacha from 22769‘s furnishings line, bauwerk, as well as Leto from Nephilaine Protagonist. But of course I am also showing a selection of We Love RolePlay pieces, from brands such as Kahli Designs (their Exalted line), The Forge, Calico and the Plastik. The final touch is the new roleplay applier for the Taliya skin from Adam n Eve.

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The Shieldmaiden outfit from the Exalted line by Kahli Designs is a very nice complete outfit—yes, that means the boots too—which looks both practical and polished. As far as pants go, these are some of the most wearable mesh pants I have tried out, though it should be noted that they cannot really be worn without the tunic and the boots. It is very much an outfit that is meant to be worn together, but as it is very nicely made, I don’t mind a bit.

The metal collar is not part of the outfit, but it goes well with it. It is the Eldar collar from the Forge, which has been producing some very striking metalwork of late. Great modelling and texturing, with an excellent application of materials for truly metallic reflections.

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I got lucky with the Feast gacha and ended up with both rares - the table and the chairs - and then I gathered enough of the dishes to make for a nice spread. There’s a sense of rustic opulence to this set, a bit rough-hewn but clearly suited to a noble, and the texturing of the food is good enough to make you hungry!

To the bauwerk pieces I added the four very nicely modelled drinkware sets from Leto. These are sold as creator resources, meaning that to get the most out of them, you should know your way around Photoshop. They come with a basic bronze texture applied but as with any mesh resource the idea is that you can customise the pieces. The Leto website, linked above, details precisely what is included with each resource purchase, to show you exactly how much control you get over the final product.

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My hair is actually a male hair - the Byram style from Calico - but I thought it suited this look nicely as it has quite a roughness to it. I hope Calico follows this up with more male hairs - and that the male shoppers make it worth her while.

The diadem, the one concession to a more feminine piece in this look, is the Myr Circlet from the Plastik. There are two circlets out from the Plastik at We Love RolePlay, both offering HUDs to change certain parts, and I really like the texturing of this. With such delicate work, it is hard to capture in photos, but there’s excellent use of materials on both the metal and the stones.

To finish off the look I am using the brand new roleplay applier for Adam n Eve’s Taliya skin. Taliya is an applier for Slink’s Visage mesh head and to use the roleplay applier you need to own the base skin as the various options in the applier go on top of the base. I thought that the added detail that mesh heads allow for would make experimenting with for example scars an interesting thing to try and sachi Vixen went right ahead and made a range of roleplay oriented options, such as a scar, a dirty face and a bloody nose. I know she’s sitting on a few more than she hasn’t released yet, so if you like this and want to see more, make sure to let her know by buying this HUD.

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