Adventures with Textures

For the last two weeks, I have been taking on a new project in Second Life (building our own “castle” with Jammin’s sets seems to have sparked a desire to be more creative), namely texturing a mesh template. It all started when Leto announced a sale on some of their mesh resources and I couldn’t resist picking up the Tudor 006 semi-exclusive fitmesh template, even though I didn’t have a clue if I would manage to use it at all. But I wanted to give it a try, since I’ve been wanting to create clothing inspired by our Westeros heraldry for myself for quite a while. After a lot of cursing and a rough introduction to Photoshop, I’ve finally managed to put something together that I am happy to wear. Anyone who says that creators that use templates have it easy, you just need to slap on a texture, need to try doing it themselves. Sure, you can slap on a texture, but it won’t look good. I have a lot left to learn before I could get anywhere close to some of the excellent template users out there.

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Victory Feast

The June round of We Love RolePlay is open and it is, as always, a feast of fantasy garments, accessories, skins, hair and so on. So I thought a little feast of my own would be appropriate, courtesy of the Feast gacha from 22769‘s furnishings line, bauwerk, as well as Leto from Nephilaine Protagonist. But of course I am also showing a selection of We Love RolePlay pieces, from brands such as Kahli Designs (their Exalted line), The Forge, Calico and the Plastik. The final touch is the new roleplay applier for the Taliya skin from Adam n Eve.

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