Neon Dancer

A new round of Redeux has just opened and you only have until June 21st to check out all the great bargains, from items at 50% off to items at just L$50. My first post for this round features the Aisha outfit from the Forge and the Modern Backdrop by Inner Demons. Also new is the Susan hair from Wasabi, for the Vintage Fair.

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Dragon Siblings

For once there was something at We Love Role-Play that made Ran go “ooooh” (and hopefully there will be more in the future, with their new men’s section) and that ended up being the start of this photo. Black and red are Targaryen colours, after all, and I just happened to have a new gown from the Muses in the same colours. Add to that the awesome dragons from Aii which, although not right for Valyrian dragons, definitely add a special touch.

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Victory Feast

The June round of We Love RolePlay is open and it is, as always, a feast of fantasy garments, accessories, skins, hair and so on. So I thought a little feast of my own would be appropriate, courtesy of the Feast gacha from 22769‘s furnishings line, bauwerk, as well as Leto from Nephilaine Protagonist. But of course I am also showing a selection of We Love RolePlay pieces, from brands such as Kahli Designs (their Exalted line), The Forge, Calico and the Plastik. The final touch is the new roleplay applier for the Taliya skin from Adam n Eve.

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