Dinner for One

Usually showcasing furniture from Dutchie means getting naked sooner or later, but not so with this stylish dining/meeting table. Unless there’s something hiding deep in the menus, the most salacious act you will get up to with this is getting drunk at the end of your dinner. However, that does not mean there is not plenty of fun to be had with this table, not to mention that it is a very classy piece of furniture for your home.

In this post I will also be highlighting one of three new hairs from Alice Project for Rhapsody and this gorgeous new gown from Volstead.

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The Imgone gown, which features a deep, draped back, comes in 12 colours and these are all available through a HUD, meaning that for the price of one gown, you essentially get a fatpack of colours. I believe this may also be Volstead’s first fitmesh release (it also comes in the five standard sizes) and I was pleased to see that it worked quite well with the Physique mesh body from Slink. I did have to alpha out some areas, but on the whole it played quite nice with it.

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The “Summertime Sadness” hair from Alice Project is one of three music-inspired releases for Rhapsody and I loved the slightly wavy fall of hair over one shoulder. The new HUD system from Alice Project is quite easy to work with and gives a lot of flexibility for colouring your hair, but here I just went with a single colour, this nice coppery red.

But what about that table? It can be setup either for a dinner or a meeting, each allowing 1-8 participants. I went for a dinner for one here and derendered the other chairs (the table rezzes out with eight chairs, so you don’t need to worry about placing that individually). The props will rezz out automatically as you are seated, but you also get some additional non-scripted props with your purchase, allowing you to setup a fully set table without having anyone seated at it. Props that you hold, such as the wine glasses, are requested individually from the menu by each person seated at the table.

If more than one person is using the table, you will each have subtly different animations, where some are more feminine and some are more masculine. You can play animations on demand or you can also run through any of the eight full sequences included. The versatility in the animations is very impressive and offers plenty of options both for photos and for socialising. What I am showing here only hints at a fraction of what you can do with this set, but there’s a video available that gives a really nice overview of its capabilities.

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