Dinner for One

Usually showcasing furniture from Dutchie means getting naked sooner or later, but not so with this stylish dining/meeting table. Unless there’s something hiding deep in the menus, the most salacious act you will get up to with this is getting drunk at the end of your dinner. However, that does not mean there is not plenty of fun to be had with this table, not to mention that it is a very classy piece of furniture for your home.

In this post I will also be highlighting one of three new hairs from Alice Project for Rhapsody and this gorgeous new gown from Volstead.

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A Pride of Peacocks

Not everything has to be mesh. The Veritas tops from the Plastik certainly shows the viability of texture clothing and the peacock pattern made for a fortunate match with Volstead’s accessories from Collabor88’s birthday round. Slink hair and Slink avatar enhancements round out the look together with the shoes from lassitude & ennui, made to go with the Slink medium high feet.

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Its a Scandal

I’ve spent a little too much time yesterday and today butting heads, so time to focus on something else instead. Such as the Scandal dress from Volstead, released for the World Goth Fair (now finished) and now available in-store and on the Marketplace. This gorgeous lace dress shows that it is possible to make partially see-through mesh, you just need to make the fit a little loser. This vintage shape is ideal for it, as well as being ever so decadent. It also comes with clothing layers, to add a bit more modesty and help out with breaks resulting from movement. For these static photos, however, I opted for no additional coverage, though it would be needed for wearing the dress out and about.

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I do love gowns. And this mixed mesh gown from Volstead for Around the World is a beauty. I am also wearing one of the new Wasabi Pills hairs, a new item from the Sagittarius Zodiac cycle from Perception and Adam n Eve’s Disa skin, a little tweaked with the help of brows from alaskametro.

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