I do love gowns. And this mixed mesh gown from Volstead for Around the World is a beauty. I am also wearing one of the new Wasabi Pills hairs, a new item from the Sagittarius Zodiac cycle from Perception and Adam n Eve’s Disa skin, a little tweaked with the help of brows from alaskametro.

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The Anais gown for Around the World mixes mesh and clothing layers, minimizing fit issues. The rigging is excellent, capturing a sense of movement, especially in the ruffles. You can choose to wear all the parts, like here, or strip out some of them for a different look.

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I am wearing the Disa skin with the eyebrows covered up by a tintable cover layer and the silver alaskametro brows added on top to match the romantic Joy2 hair from Wasabi Pills.

The delicate necklace is for the new Zodiac cycle by Perception; it comes in silver and gold and in long bow and short bow.

Around the World is still going on, so check it out for the Anais gown and many other products inspired by various countries. Zodiac: Sagittarius has just opened, offering another round of themed releases. Perception has the necklace out as well as another of her lovely constellation corsets.

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