Swamp Thing

deviousMind released the fantastic Thyia gacha for the last round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. The set has now moved into the deviousMind mainstore for those of you who still have collections to complete. You might not, for example, have some of the gorgeous rares that I am showing in these posts.

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While even just the Thyia commons make for a great set, there are some spectacular rares to be won. There’s five in total and I am wearing two, the ForestWarrior HeadPiece and the Calla ArmVines. There’s also another headpiece, the ForestNymph Crown, as well as the Plant Boots and the Venys Flytrap Spaulders. All of these pieces can be colour-matched to any of the common sets so here I am using the Poison Ivy colour for everything.

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My favourite is probably the ArmVines which are rigged fitmesh and wind around your arms in a very striking fashion. But I definitely have a weakness for headpieces too, and the ForestWarrior is certainly a stunning adornment as well. I love the way these pieces are shaped and texture, with touches of glow and contrasting colour that really make them come alive.

I am once again (expect this a lot from now on!) wearing Slink’s brand new Physique mesh body. This time I am also wearing one of the Visage mesh heads from Slink (Emma) with the Taliya skin from Adam n Eve’s Genesis line. My hair is from EMO-tions and the Renee braid is perfect for headpieces, being quite close-fitted and out of the way. It is just too bad that Visage doesn’t have hairbases yet, but I believe this will be coming in a future update. My poses are from Musa’s Fantasy pose range and I am also wearing the FATEeyes from Damien Fate.

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