Skin Fair 2015: alaskametro

After being stolen away by RL for a few days it is time to take a look at another new skin release from the Skin Fair. This time we’ll be looking at alaskametro‘s new skin line. And, before we get around to the nudity, I am taking a look at some new accessories from Senzafine and ieQED.

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The Drache breastplate by Senzafine is out for this round of We Love Role-Play and it comes both in standard sizes and fitted mesh. There are four base colours available - iron, copper, gold, mithril - and a HUD which offers several colour options for five different parts of the breastplate, including the very striking scales.

The heavy necklace with the matching ring and earrings are from ieQED for from kustom9. It is called the Guardian set and it comes in five metals and with a HUD that offers six jewel colours. My favourite part is without a doubt how heavy it looks. It really seems like a massive piece of metal and I love the way the links are done.

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Now, onto the skin. The new alaskametro skins are simply called the v2 skin line and as with the previous line these are fully handdrawn skins. The initial release consists of four tones - Ivory, worn here, and Rose, Bronze and Cacao—with an additional four tones due to be released within the next month or so.  Each purchase includes a freckled and a non-freckled base skin plus a host of appliers - loudmouth, Slink, themeshproject, Omega. You also get manicures and pedicures for a range of bodies and a selection of makeups for both classic avatars and mesh heads. In short, you’re pretty likely to be covered!

As with most handdrawn skins, the “character” of the face is softer than with a heavily photo sourced skin, allowing it to fit a wider range of faces. The lips may take a little more fiddling, but I quite like that the are less full than what is common on many skins today. The highlighting may feel a little strong for some, though I think it worked perfectly on the freckled base, which made the face a little less smooth. It should be noted that the base skins do not include eyebrows, hairbases or pubic hair - these are sold separately and can of course be used with other skins as well, both classic avatars and certain mesh heads. In these photos, I am wearing the soot brow in version 2.

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Highlighting would be my one quibble with the body as well. I like the overall shading, it is soft and feminine, but the highlights on the breasts made them a little fuller than I like by default.

On the other hand (or side, rather), I really like the shape of the bottom. I also think the spine and the shoulder blades are nicely done. And the body freckles look very realistic to me, both in the back and in the front.

One aspect of the alaskametro skins that I think deserves to be emphasized in particular is that they are of course a superb base for all the gorgeous makeups that the brand also has released, both those included with the skin and the wide range of additional makeups also made available (for classic avatars and mesh heads). In these photos, I am wearing the creme lipstick in merlot and the smokeshow eyeshadow in sand. I have also added the basic cat eyeliner in glossy black from elymode.

The hair is by Dura and the poses are from various sets by Picture This.

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