Dark Maiden

This started with the dark and somewhat twisted Iron Maiden design by aisling for The Secret Affair. As it happened, it turned out to be a rather good match for one of the new releases from the Plastik—no surprise, really, since dark and twisted is something the Plastik does very well. The final touch was the new shoes from Bushu for My Attic and some bold red makeups by elymode and Adam n Eve.

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The dress is called Briane and this dark colour is named Rogue, but it is far from your only choice—it comes in 20 textures, from plaids to skulls. It is a dress with a distinct attitude, bold and sexy.

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The striking Iron Maiden set is available in iron (seen here) or rust and you can buy each piece (tiara, collar, shoulders) individually or as a set in either texture. There’s definitely a dark edge to this set; if this is a fantasy, it is not a nice one.

My skin is Chelsea, one of Adam n Eve’s releases for the Skin Fair (also available as a Visage applier) and I am wearing her in the lightest tone and with one of the lipsticks released specifically for the skin as well as a red cateye liner from elymode, also from the Skin Fair.

My eyes are from Mayfly and while this is not a brand new colour,  Mayfly has done a major update to their Luminous range by moving the controls to a HUD. This is much easier to use than clicking the eyes themselves - in particular, I’ve found that resizing the eyes and moving them in or out in the socket (a feature I just adore) is much easier with a HUD.

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Finally, we have the Carmen shoes by Bushu, made for Slink’s high feet and sporting a heel which makes my RL feet hurt just looking at it! Its a very sleek and sexy shoe, though, so maybe I would try it out for real as long as I could just sit in a chair and show off my feet without having to stand on them. Carmen comes in solid colours such as seen here and with a rose pattern, perfect for spring and summer looks.

Time permitting, my plan is to soon give you a closer look at Adam n Eve’s skins for the Skin Fair to conclude my series of posts about the event. I am also planning to show you some closer looks at the Mayfly eyes in conjunction with this.

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