My Lady

The Fantasy Collective has opened for a new round and the combination of Senzafine‘s gown and ieQED‘s crown proved irresistible to me. I paired with a pose from Picture This! for Mystic Realms Faire (closing soon!) and found myself a stalwart knight to protect me.

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The lovely pose from Picture This! is called “My Lady” and I love these sort of classic, portrait-like couple poses that can work very well for a fantasy/historical setting as well.

Senzafine’s Caterina gown comes in a range of dark jewel tones and this one, called Harvest, immediately caught my attention with the mix of rich red tones. The off-the-shoulder neckline is beautiful and a great way to show off some jewellery and the skirt shape is very regal. I love that there’s a mix of fabrics going on, it really sells a very opulent look.

Ran is wearing armour from Silhouette Warfare; this is an updated version with fitted mesh of the High Gothic style. These are without a doubt the best suits of armour you can get in Second Life, with superb attention to details.

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ieQED’s Gloriana crown is without a doubt a “wow” piece. It comes in a choice of five metals and includes a HUD for changing the stones. The design is not like anything else I’ve seen before in SL and I like that there’s almost a roughness to the metals, making it a little harder than a crown for a woman might otherwise have been.

I paired it with an older release from Sax Shepherd Designs, the Portia Renaissance Jewellery, which I think captures some of the same feeling of the hardness of the metal.

My lovely pale skin is Kimber from DeeTalez in Celtic—I’ll be wearing this one for a while—and my eyes are Mayfly’s Red Mahogany mesh eyes. My hair is once again Thalia from Truth, this time without the crown accessory to make room for the ieQED crown.

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