As soon as I put on the Dona gown from Luminary for the next round of The Fantasy Collective, I knew I had to do something inspired by Renaissance paintings. It isn’t just about the style being perfect, it is about how spot-on the drapery of the gown is. Those folds look like they came out of a painting!

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Dona comes in five colours and the texturing of the fabric to produce a matte, heavy look with a brocade pattern is just right for the modelling of the gown. I just kept staring at the back of it in particular, especially where it hits the floor in heavy folds of fabric, but it is certainly very beautiful from the front as well.

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The hair is perhaps more pre-Raphaelite than Renaissance, but I couldn’t resist the K’leesish style from Analog Dog because it does give that slightly high forehead look and the braided details together with the curls are exquisite. The light red pack has some hues that are incredible for a painterly look and go so well with a pale skin. I just wish that there was a mix pack for Analog Dog hairs because as it stands now I need four packs to cover my usual colours (black, auburn, copper and silver/gold).

I am also wearing jewellery by Eclectic and my eyes are by Mayfly.

Finally, the skin. This was a decision I agonized over for quite some time. DeeTalez has been putting out an impressive number of new faces lately and I’ve been unable to decide which ones I like best—not to mention in which colour! Eventually I settled on Kimber, which is a really striking face, full of character, and I went for the Celtic tone (the palest) since I have so few pale skins with Physique appliers. I loved the skin in the Eastern tone as well, however, so I may I have to get that next. I do wish that you got all tones when you buy a Physique applier at DeeTalez since I am prone to switching tones and I am also not keen on needing separate hand/foot appliers. But the quality of the skins is certainly very nice and they have some of the most interesting faces around.

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