ROMP’s summer fair is now open, offering a wide array of releases on the theme “elegant kink”. My favourite pieces this time around was some of the clothing, such as the latest collaboration between Fallen Gods and Faida. In these pictures, I’ve paired it with the matching male release from these two brands for the Arena as well as a release from Jian for the Fantasy Collective.

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This pretty little pleasure boat by Jian is called the Pinnacle of the Solstice. With your purchase you get both a display version and one that works as an actual water vehicle. The curtains are easily hand-tinted to other colours, but here I wanted to keep the colours of the boat neutral.

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Both Ran and I are wearing outfits by Fallen Gods and Faida. His is called Intrigue and is from the Arena event, an all-male roleplay event. Alas, even so there was a shortage of actual clothing for men. Intrigue is a sumptuous look (based on clothing from a certain show, but since the name doesn’t directly reference it that seems fair enough to us), but it should not have been the only one of its kind at such an event.

My outfit is the release for ROMP, which consists of the breast-baring Courtesan dress in Red (with a HUD for different texture options to overgown, undergown and corset), matching lip colour and beauty marks and, most notably, three matching options for breast paint. Gorgeous, intricate and very sexy. The Jada collar by ieQED is also out for ROMP and comes with a HUD for metal options.

I am wearing a skin by Imabee and a hair by Entwined whereas Ran is wearing a Birth skin and hair by Dura. The couple poses we used are from oOo Studios and Picture This!

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